How to do “slutty” right

29 Jul

I think if you’re going to let slutty enter your wardrobe at any point, the only place is in your shoe rack. I always notice on What Not To Wear, when they’re trying to tame down some of their trashiest clients, they tell them that they can let their personality come out in their shoes. They don’t need to wear leopard print all over their bodies, but leopard print pumps are awesome – Rrrrrrrowl!!!!! I believe the word is FIERCE! Pumps, not knee-high boots, mind you. Julia Roberts did a whole generation of women a serious disservice in Pretty Woman. I remember when all of my pre-teen friends started dressing hooker-chic and their mothers didn’t seem to care. My mother cared and I cared, because if the reward for dressing like that is Richard Gere, I’d rather wear a large sack down to my toes and a hood over my head. Back away you Dalai-Lama-worshiping, Shilpa-Shetty-kissing freak with the salt-n-pepper hair and squinty-eyes!


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