Talk me down from the ledge

4 Sep

So, I’ve admitted to my friends that I have a slight shopping problem. Okay, it’s not that slight. I’m a shopaholic. Mind you, my problem is not in the same category as Rebecca Brandon née Bloomwood but somehow I manage to find myself at the mall every other day and somehow I manage to buy things I never really knew that I absolutely needed until the exact moment I saw them on sale. I have invented occasions just to justify buying more clothes. It’s a sickness and like any self-absorbed 30-something, I blame my indulgent, boomer mother for it.

I really want this but I need to save that money. I really do. However, I know I’m probably not going to see a price like this for this jacket in a while. Talk me down, please. With the shipping and handling it’ll be over $100, so I really shouldn’t but that’s such an awesome price and I would look fabulous in it and feel good for like 2-3 days or less. I’ve been watching this jacket for 4 months when it went from $120 to the current price. UGH!!! I need to resist the urge.

Know what, I don’t need it. I don’t want it anymore. Really, it’s not even that pretty or cool. Well, the chevrons are cool and it is shiny. Bloody hell! Still, it probably won’t fit and I’ll feel stupid. Still my birthday is coming up and it could be a gift to me from me and it would be an awesome addition to the other gifts to me from me that I’ve got hidden under the bed, still in their carrier bags. Carrier bags! I sound like Becky. That’s it, I’m drawing the line right here. Right now. Right after I click “complete order”. No, no, no!


One Response to “Talk me down from the ledge”

  1. NewssyLee September 5, 2008 at 8:16 pm #

    Thanks to you

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