To add insult to injury

2 Oct

The following is based on a true story:

Mr. X had just finished a long and tedious day at work. His shoulders slumped as he ambled towards the lone car in the parking lot, toting a heavy silver briefcase. A street light flickered in the distance, setting Mr. X on edge. He needed to focus. He needed to get his keys out quickly, unlock the car door and get out of there.

As he fumbled for the keys he lost focus and they dropped with a clang on the asphalt. As he bent over to pick them up, he noticed a shadow passing quickly behind him. Someone was there. In one motion, he picked up the car keys and turned around to face what seemed like a black figure wielding a long sharp blade in his direction. He raised the briefcase in his defense. He was just a little too slow. The blade sliced into his forearm.

He wanted to toss the briefcase and run, but found that he could do neither as his assailant raised the blade again. The second slice cut into his bicep. Again and again, his assailant was relentless. Mr. X wanted to hand over the briefcase. He wanted to give the man what he wanted. He wanted this to be over. But for some reason unknown to Mr. X, he could not release his grip on the briefcase. He fell to the floor and the last slash produced a loud shriek that Mr. X did not recognize as his own voice.

The shriek alerted a nearby security guard who was patrolling with his canine partner. Surely it will be over now, thought Mr. X. The dog barked and the guard screamed in the direction of Mr. X and his mysterious assailant. The security guard unleashed his Doberman partner. Surely it will be over now, again thought Mr. X.

The dark figure was backing away slowly from Mr. X, then running away, yet the Doberman did not change course. Mr. X screamed in horror as he realized that the guard dog was headed for his now bloodied arm, still firmly attached to his briefcase. Within seconds the dog ripped into Mr. X’s arm, shredded the flesh and seemed intent on separating the arm from the rest of Mr. X’s body.

The security guard who was slow to react seemed to take an eternity to control his canine partner. Even after the paramedics had arrived and Mr. X was placed on a gurney, the Doberman still wanted a piece of him. It had tasted human flesh and liked it. Mr. X figured it would be put down.

“You can let go of the briefcase now, Mr. X,” a kind-faced paramedic said, and with that his knuckles relaxed and his grip loosened. Mr. X sighed as the morphine took effect. The paramedic placed the briefcase beside the gurney and then closed the ambulance doors.

“It’s over now.”


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