Kitchen Sink TV

16 Apr

The networks and cable channels are throwing pretty much everything at us these days from ridiculous character flip-flops on 24, an unexpected suicide on House, Jill Scott as the Veronica Mars of Botswana, to out of work actors passing time as caterers on Party Down … and this unashamed TV addict is loving every delicious minute of it. I’m particularly impressed with a set of new shows that have premiered in the last month. Check out some of the new shows on my faux-TiVo.

1. Southland

Not the most original of cop shows but it’s not another procedural and seems to have more of a Third Watch vibe. It’s well acted and filmed with a pretty awesome ensemble which includes Benjamin McKenzie (The OC), Regina King (24), C Thomas Howell (Mr. Straight-to-video) and the always awesome Michael Cudlitz (Band of Brothers and Standoff). Thursdays at 10pm ET on NBC.

2. No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Imagine Veronica Mars, except instead of being a petite blonde, she’s black, big and tall, and drives a white pickup instead of a Lebaron. Now imagine she’s in Botswana. Okay, actually, forget about Veronica Mars (Sacrilege, I know!) because this show is only remotely like my most favourite show of all time. Mma Ramotswe and Veronica are both female detectives, raised by their fathers (Ramostwe’s is deceased), who like to help people solve the mysteries in their lives. Jill Scott is fantastic as the lady detective, and she is surrounded by an awesome group of actors hailing from across the globe. How much did I love Idris Elba’s brief appearance in the pilot? My arms cannot be spread wide enough. Sundays at 8pm ET on HBO. Also available onDemand.

3. The Unusuals

Yeah, it’s another cop show, but as the title suggests, it’s not your usual cop show. The cast of characters includes an upper-crust former vice cop turned homicide detective, a grey-zone homicide detective who believes in loyalty beyond everything else (the only character who is a bit cliché) but he’s kinda hot so I’ll forgive him, a homicide detective who eats, sleeps and probably showers in his bullet proof vest because of the propensity of men in his family to die by the age of 42, another homicide detective with a terminal brain tumour and a death wish, and their boss who wants to clean up his department without calling in internal affairs. It’s equal parts comedy and drama. Wednesdays at 10pm ET on ABC

4. Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

There’s no part this, part that about this show. This is just a flat out comedy and since it is on Comedy Central, that makes perfect sense. Sean Maguire (Meet the Spartans) plays the title character who leads a band of quite possibly the worst freedom fighters in the history of freedom fighting. It’s a total send up of shows like Hercules and Xena. Krod’s not exactly the most cocksure and valiant hero either and Maguire is so expressive that he manages to wash away the memories of that one-note Kevin Sorbo. Also there’s no gay subtext – it’s in the main text. Thursdays at 10pm ET on Comedy Central.

5. Party Down

From the guy who brought you Veronica Mars (yeah, baby!), some of the writers on Veronica Mars and Paul “F**king” Rudd, comes this show about out of work actors making ends meet working for a catering company run by a reformed drug-addict turned wannabe entreprenuer. Yeah, I know that’s a mouthful. Just go ahead and swallow. It’s funny, well-written and well-acted. It’s not HAHAHAHA! funny, but heh funny and hee funny. An added bonus is that the cast is made up of Veronica Mars recurring and guest characters and that some Mars regulars and recurring characters make guest appearances throughout the first season. That last sentence made sense in my head. Fridays at 10:30pm ET on Starz. Also Available onDemand.

I have also been disappointed in some returning shows like Doctor Who, Robin Hood and The Tudors. Not since Lana Lang’s days on Smallville, have I seen so much effort put into trying to win the audience over on the supposed awesomeness of a character as I did with Michelle Ryan’s over-the-top Lady Christina on last Saturday’s Doctor Who Special. I’m not loving the Marion-free third season of Robin Hood. Also, Guy of Gisborne needs to make an appointment with a hairstylist. The Tudors should just skip to Henry’s death and get to Mary and Elizabeth already, because none of his remaining wives were as interesting as Anne Boleyn. Not even Joss Stone as Anne of Cleaves can keep my interest. Currently, the actress playing Jane Seymour is putting me to sleep with her faux-feminism and Princess Diana impersonation.

This summer I am looking forward to the return of True Blood, Dexter and Burn Notice. Is it June already?

When we last saw True Blood‘s Sookie Stackhouse, she was recovering nicely from her run in with the fang-banger serial killer with the aid of her friends Sam, the shape-shifter, Tara, and vampire boyfriend Bill. Season 2 is looking like must-see-tv with the promise of more Eric, the vamp sheriff and a trip to Dallas. Hope they find a way to keep Lafayette on the show because … yum!

I was disappointed with Dexter‘s third season because I just found Michael C. Hall’s performance not as sharp as usual and Jimmy Smits annoyed the snot out of me. Still, I can’t wait to see how new-Daddy Dexter will try to get out of diaper duty so he can free the world of more scum.

Finally, I need me some more of Burn Notice‘s Michael Weston with his bicep-hugging button-up shirts and close-fitting khakis. Also, the more time spent with Bruce Campbell’s Sam the better. I even miss Fi. How will Michael manage without the umbrella of protection he’s enjoyed in Miami? Somehow, I think he’ll live.


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