Product Reviews: Gettin’ Lippy

16 May

Today’s blog answers a question posed by JoZ:

How do you stop lipstick from clinging only to the inner part of your lips whilst seeming to sink in and vanish into the outer/main lip area? It looks like I’ve applied the lipstick then it’s worn off or been chewed off leaving only an inner ring stain. Never had this trouble in the past. Wondering if I’ve got dry lips despite them not actually being chapped. Will Burts Bees help?

RetroVixen’s Response:

Have you tried applying lip liner all over your lip? I thought lip liner was just for the edges, but NU! You can use it completely over your lips, and it does help with the staying power and makes your lipstick less messy when it does start to fade (when it starts to fade it will fade altogether and not in certain places). If this doesn’t work for you though, lemme know and I’ll do some research! 🙂

As for chapped lips, I have some good remedies for that! I get really bad chapped lips from time to time, so to avoid this I exfoliate….with my toothbrush. Yes, with my toothbrush! After brushing my teeth I simply rub the brush over my lips for about 10-15 seconds, not too hard and not too soft, just a little bit of pressure, you don’t want to hurt your lips. And poof! Dry, chapped lips gone.

What works even better is simple, plain white processed sugar! I didn’t believe it myself, but I tried it and it works. Just wet your lips with some water, place a bit of sugar (you’ll need less than a teaspoon) in a small dish or cup and wet your index finger. Take your wet finger and dip it into the sugar, and place it on your lips and rub softly [in a circular motion]. Your lips will be SILKY SMOOTH, guaranteed!

I’m not crazy about Burt’s Bees products. I do like Yes to Carrots lip balm and Hugo Naturals lip balm – those two are my favorites! I favor the Yes to Carrots ones a bit more, though. 😀

Ayn Rant’s Addendum:

Yeah, don’t forget the lip balm or moisturizer afterward! Your

sent me to look up sugar scrubs (I’ve seen them for bodies, didn’t know they could also be used on lips — duh!) and came across these recipes:

Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes

Most are for scrubbing your body, so they include some kind of oil so as not to dry you out. The ones with almond oil and herb extracts smell AMAZING, I bet.


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