That bag right there … IT IS FIERCE!!!

9 Jun

I keep seeing these printed bags all over town. I thought they were cow prints or something and that they were kinda neat looking. They have different color leather straps or piping/accent and are in various sizes. I noticed them first at the hockey games, lots of chicks had them; and then a greeter at Wal*Mart had one with her at her station, and I asked about them, but didn’t bother to actually go look because I always feel guilty after I spend money on something I don’t reeeeeally need.

Turns out, Chief Strong Jaw of Justice went digging around online, found out they were giraffe print bags aaaaaaaand … I got this in the mail the other day as a surprise! :o) It comes with a cosmetic bag plus a wallet, and it’s huuuuuuuuuuuge. It’s more of a carry-on bag than anything else. I guess you’d call them hobo-bag size or something? Anyway, it’s great. Holds everything, and now I’m actually following a current trend!


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