It’s beer o’clock, where are my Farscape webisodes?

11 Jun

Credit and thanks to Raingirlkm from TWoP for the title of this blog.

So back when the US had a cowboy for President, Veronica Mars was still on the air, Jay Leno was boring us five nights a week (oh, wait, he’ll still be doing that this Fall – nevermind), and the channel formerly known as the Sci Fi channel was still known as the Sci Fi channel (Syfy means STD in Polish, douchebags!), it was announced that there would be 10 new webisodes produced for Farscape.

Farscape, arguably the best science fiction television series in history (sorry, Battlestar Galactica) was canceled abruptly in its fourth season despite the promise of a fifth season. A mini-series, The Peacekeeper Wars, was produced to tie up some dangling plot lines but the show still had more stories to tell and the characters were so damn sexy, leaving fans wanting more. So the STD channel, er, I mean Syfy, decided to throw the fans a bone with a promise of 10 webisodes that may or may not reunite Aeryn “Badass to the Bone” Sun with her husband and baby-daddy John “Crazy as a Mo-fo” Crichton.

Well, that bone has turned out to be some kind of c**k-tease because it’s been 2 years since that announcement went out and there’s no signs that production has begun or any updates on the main cast’s respective websites. As an exasperated fan, I need to know how much longer I must wait. You can’t count on the fact that Ben Browder never seems to age or that Claudia Black will still be hotter than most starlets on TV when she’s well into her 50’s (she’s 37 now). I’m not sure who is in charge, but if you are reading this and you know someone who has clout on this project, LIGHT A FIRE UNDER HIS/HER ASS!!


9 Responses to “It’s beer o’clock, where are my Farscape webisodes?”

  1. Brian Dorn June 12, 2009 at 12:38 am #

    Yeah, I can’t wait for more Farscape, and I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for some info on these webisodes. I never did check out the comic books that came out recently. I need to do that.


    • Scorpious September 8, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

      Farscape webisodes? Nothing but a bucket of dren! Let’s get one thing straight: I love Farscape. But after my recent dealings with Ben Browder and Rockne O’ Bannon, I couldn’t give a frell if they were never made! Why? Because I sent two messages to Ben through his myspace account. The first message he read, but did not reply. The second he did not even read. Why have an account like this if you can’t be bothered to message your fans. Lest Mr Browder forget that my buying all the farscape episodes on DVD has earnt him royalties, so I think I’ve dispelled the myth about him being a fan favourite! The same with Rockne O’Bannon. I sent him several messages through his facebook account. He did not reply to any of them! Yet accepted my request to be a friend on Facebook but cannot be bothered to message me! Well excuse me, if it wasn’t for fans like us, there would have been no Farscape! Not only that but I contacted Henson as I said I would like to audition for these webisodes if they are still in play. The response I got was it’s been delayed because of money. Fellow scapers, that is a croc of shit! Why? Because the original premise of these webisodes was that there were going to be 10 episodes running 3 to 6 minutes for each. So at the most it would run for 60 minutes. An hour long episode. Your telling me between the SCI-FI channel, Rockne, and Jim Henson they cannot finance ONE HOUR of programming? A few million dollars in todays tv world is nothing so some other reason, like the will to even want to do it, must be holding them back. I would suggest, fellow scapers, that if you really want these episodes you bombard the Henson company. Of course, I would love to proved wrong. Over to you, Mr Henson….

      • Scorpious May 13, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

        A thousand apologies to Mr Ben Browder for my comments about ‘his’ myspace account. I have just learned that the ‘browderscape’ account is now displaying a message saying that this is not Ben, but just a fan page. When I initially made my comments, it seemed the page was managed by him. If you are reading this, Mr Browder, I can only state how truly sorry I am. Please accept my apologies and I wish you well for any future projects you may have lined up. Especially if they have anything to with….Farscape coming back!!

  2. Lindy Rae June 12, 2009 at 4:13 am #

    Thanks for asking the question….and bringing this up. We’re all wondering and got a smidgen of news this week.

    It’s still coming. mo ryan ( ) asked about it this week; and they said they’re still gonna do them, but there’s no script and no cast. Sigh.
    We have a nice Farscape fix if you need it @ the Scapecast.

  3. SBG June 12, 2009 at 2:10 pm #

    if your’re a Ben Browder fan, check out help make it happen!

  4. Cereus Datura September 15, 2009 at 12:02 am #

    There is no doubt about it that Farscape Is The Best Sci Fi show ever made!
    But after um-teen years of awaiting the promised webisodes I don’t think that they will ever happen, I’ve pretty much given up on ever seeing anything.
    It’s bad enough that they did not deliver on their promise, but it is getting harder and harder to be able to watch the show online. I’d love to just buy the series [I have the Peacekeeper Wars] but it is still very expensive & rightly so!
    Scifi always had a history of cancelling the better shows and leaving the crap on or bringing it back endlessly [Battlestar Galactica] when one season was one season too much!
    Yet I am trying to remain optomistic about it’s returm & I haven’t checked out the comic book. I keep thinking it will be too wierd and go in the wrong direction.
    As far as them not having a cast, most of the actors are not working, and the Henson company is’nt doing all that much lately, so what’s the problem?
    Script? Huh! What about the Nebari? They had a master plan to take over the universe, go with that! Talk about villians made to order for the part! They’ll just mins cleanse the frell out of everyone and guess who’s immune [or was] Crichton!
    Building on that storyline [in the background of coarse] can give us 2 solid seasons while they are still in the uncharted territories with new and improved alien species just off hammond side of Moya’s view screen.

  5. Tyler December 10, 2009 at 11:31 pm #

    Wait it seriously means STD in Polish? … Well Damn! (Agree with Cereus Datura as far as that channel goes on their cancellation M.O.)

    Anyways yea, where the hell is the webisodes?
    I mean I guess I can see where it might be a bit of a problem as far as cast goes… but there seriously shouldn’t be any issues on anything else.
    For anyone who’s finding different loop-holes on why this can’t be delivered:
    Scripting-wise…As Cereus Datura has already brought up, Nabari! Also, the Scarrans & Sebaceans are at peace. Which means power vaccum! How can you not take advantage of that?
    I’ve only read the first 2 or so pages of the Farscape post-peacekeeper war comics but c’mon there’s got to be something worth branching off of that from!
    I don’t see how anything else can be an issue! If your worried bout bringing in the money, don’t you lot get frellin paid for the more hits/fans/viewers you get? If that’s the case, you OBVIOUSLY do not have an issue because the majority if in all Farscapers are demanding it!


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