It’s very clear my ‘lust’ is here to stay

21 Jun

I'm usually not into blondes either

I'm usually not into blondes either

It’s been 4 months now and I’m still lusting after Alexander Skarsgård. As Ayn Rant said the other day, this is getting serious. There doesn’t appear to be an ending in sight either, what with him proving to be sweet to his fans, polite to the paparazzi, concerned about the environment, a football fanatic, and a lover of vodka and chicken burritos. So while I already knew he was extremely good-looking and a very talented actor (from watching Generation Kill), all this additional stuff is not helping me to move on to other crushes.

I don’t like to stay in one place for too long as it makes me anxious. The progression of my lust here is very disconcerting. It’s not affecting my real-life or anything but the fact that I cannot get into anyone else remotely attractive right now is cause for concern.

Case in point, I came back from watching The Hangover the other night (which was awesome, by the way) with Bradley Cooper. Now anyone that knows me knows that by rights Bradley Cooper should have been the next 6-week object of my attention, but no. This Skarsgård thing has left me resistant.

Should this continue well into the summer, I may have to see someone professionally, like a hypnotist. Or maybe I’ll try acupuncture.


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