Yeah, Emmy’s, that dress does make you look fat

17 Jul

… I hate your mother’s cooking and you know what? You snore – like a congested L-train.

Every year I hear the same complaint – “The Emmy’s suck!” Most people will have a list of folks they felt should have gotten nominated for a Golden Globe or an Oscar, or a list of folks who they felt didn’t deserve a nod, but usually the public and the media are generally happy with the nominees for those two awards. Not so with the Emmy’s.

I know there’s just too much television out there for everyone to get nominated, but the Emmy’s consistently look dated and downright WRONG. Sometimes I feel like they’re voting on material from 3-4 seasons ago, or that they’ve got name-recognitionitis like the voters in Florida.

Case in point, Two and a Half Men‘s two men get nominated for Emmy’s when they should both be up for Men Who Should Be Sterilized For the Sake of Humanity awards, when awesome actors like Mary McDonnell and Alexander Skarsgard (yes, I’m biased) get no recognition. Skarsgard in particular should also be up for a Man Who Should Be Cloned For the Sake of Humanity award.

The biggest shocker for me this year was the nomination of Family Guy. About 5 seasons ago, it would have been a welcome nomination and I would have been happy for Seth MacFarlane, but today’s nod makes me suspect him of performing 634 sexual favors a la Erin Brokovich. American Dad has been funnier these days. So really Seth, you were on your knees for the wrong cause.

The Emmy’s never take chances. They never try to step outside of the box. The TV graveyard is littered with brilliant shows that had their run without so much as a glance from the Emmy’s. If you’re a so-called “genre” show, just forget about it. By the way, aren’t ALL shows technically “genre” shows. Whatever, Emmy’s! Best you lose my number, because we are DONE!


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