True Blood: You’re killing me!

17 Aug

Eric begs Godric not to leave

Eric begs Godric not to leave. Thanks, bluebear_74!

Last night’s True Blood has left me with a severe “fangover” (thanks, angelbaby). I hate when TV makes me cry. HATE IT. These people are not real. They are fictional characters, however three-dimensional their portrayal. All I want to be is entertained, not have my heart ripped out of my chest and fed back to me, piece by piece. To say I was gutted at the end of possibly the best episode of True Blood ever would be an understatement. Godric might not have been around on the show very long, but just the thought of 2000 years of existence extinguished in a matter of seconds – dead and gone without a shred of evidence that he was ever there – hurt so much that I could not sleep last night.

What I hate more than when TV makes me cry, is when it reminds me of really painful moments of my past that I have yet to get over. Watching Eric cry and beg his maker not to leave him was brutal, not just because Alexander Skarsgård was brilliant or that I could feel every bit of Godric’s weariness due to Allan Hyde’s amazing performance, but because I’ve experienced the loss of my own “maker” so to speak. That scene brought back all the memories of me begging my Dad not to go just yet but to keep fighting as I watched him slip away a few years ago. The time between his diagnosis and death was a matter of weeks, and I wasn’t ready to let him go. In some ways I’m still angry about it, but it was his time so I’ve accepted it.

I’d read the spoilers for the episode and Living Dead in Dallas, so I had some idea what was to come, but I was completely blindsided by my own emotions. I will be careful from now on. If True Blood could sneak up on me like this, who knows what other painful scabs it will pick at next?


2 Responses to “True Blood: You’re killing me!”

  1. missberlish August 17, 2009 at 8:19 pm #

    *great big hugs*, you never know what will trigger an emotional response, but I feel your pain deeply.

    • singlarity August 17, 2009 at 10:33 pm #

      True. True. I had a similar experience with the Uncle Bartlett storyline but it wasn’t as painful as this. Puss puss!

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