Sunday Conversations: Sex with Daniel Day-Lewis

4 Oct

Bill, the Butcher

Bill, the Butcher

The ladies of singlarity recently held a discussion on the possibility of sex with Daniel Day-Lewis. None of us has ever had sex with him, and given that some of us are happily married (as is Mr. Day-Lewis), it’s very unlikely that one of us ever will, though Nibby still holds out hope. Still, just the thought of Mr. Milkshake/Butcher Bill having sex has freaked us all out.

swampmusic: There Will Be Picard

RetroVixen: This NEVER gets old!

swampmusic: I LOVE the little milkshake sitting there…with the cherry on top…it’s so cute! And Picard is GLARING AT IT.

Nibby: I wonder what Daniel Day Lewis is like when he’s going grocery shopping, picking up the laundry or channel-surfing on his couch. He can’t possibly be this intense all the time. Can he?

swampmusic: I would very much like to think that he is.

Nibby: I cannot imagine what the sex would be like. Worse than Jeremy Irons.

(Note: Nibby is not admitting to having sex with Jeremy Irons, just Tony Blair)

swampmusic: OMG. All sorts of images are going through my head right now.

Nibby: I bet he doesn’t smell like “wildflowers and shame.”


Ayn Rant: Still a favorite commercial: “Sports, recon … and frenching.”

Nibby: You know DDL is probably excellent at all three.


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