Yes, Ayn. This is sports.

4 Oct



Note: Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Man-U, City and Villa etc. fans, don’t come here with hateful comments. I am not here to rag on any other team but to bask in the glow of my Gunner-love. So, respectfully bugger off. That being said …

So I love Arsenal. No, scratch that. I am in love with Arsenal. My relationship with Arsenal is the longest I have ever had with the male species. Doesn’t hurt that we are talking about a group of men (the members of which are subject to change from time to time), lead by the most paternalistic of men – Arsene Wenger. Even when they leave me (and Arsenal) behind, I still have a lot of love for them. Thierry Henry, I am looking at you. Emmanuel Adebayor being one exception.

Fabulous Fabregas

Fabulous Fabregas

This season has been particularly fun, despite the roller coaster start. Watching Cesc Fabregas become a bona fide badass is the best part. Yeah, I love me some Cesc. It seems unfair to single out one player in particular, since Arsenal’s success has always been a group effort, but Cesc’s leadership in the middle is such a huge part of the beautiful style of football that the Gunners play.

Finding and falling in love with Arsenal took me out of a dark period of my life when I didn’t have a Premiership team to cheer for. None of the other sides seemed to fit, plus I couldn’t cheer for Manchester United because of my brother’s long-standing love for that team. In my family, you’re not allowed to be on the same team as another sibling. My other brother is a Liverpool fan. Nobody’s perfect, I guess. So for a time, I had unfulfilling non-exclusive relationships with Everton and Manchester City. Chelsea was never an option, despite Mourinho’s tenure. I just couldn’t care that deeply about the style of football I was seeing before my eyes. The Gunners saved me from literally giving up on Premiership football and football in general.

So what if they don’t have a break-out star who will score 20+ goals for them per season? I like the idea of shared wealth and responsibility. So what if they’ve got mostly foreign players? As an immigrant, I have no problem with that. So what if Arsene Wenger likes to take players from their adolescence and bring them up through the ranks? I try not to think about that too hard. Plus, there must be some benefits to having his brand of discipline imposed on someone at an early age.

So, thank you Arsenal, for stopping me from placing the metaphorical loaded revolver in my mouth and saying goodbye to the EPL and footy in general. Thank you for saving my footy-fan life.

One Response to “Yes, Ayn. This is sports.”

  1. Nibby October 5, 2009 at 8:34 pm #

    Observe, Lord Burghley, I am married … to Arsenal.

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