Sunday Conversations: WTF does this have to do with Captain Kirk?

13 Oct

First of all, I realize that it’s Monday night. I was away for Thanksgiving and unable to post this on Sunday, so my sincerest apologies for the fact that the title of this blog post is a lie. Wouldn’t be the first time. And no, I am not telling you which others are lies.

This photo of Captain Kirk inspired a philosophical conversation about who or what determines when something totally rocks and the inevitability of losing that spark of awesomeness. Time waits for no man, even Mad Mike.

In 30 years, will people feel this way about Chris Pine?

In 30 years, will people feel this way about Chris Pine?

Ayn Rant: STILL the best!

Mad Mike

Mad Mike

swampmusic: It makes me laugh EVERY time I see it. It’s just the best quote ever! This picture *almost* rivals Mad Mike. It does not, however, surpass him. It just can’t. Because… Mad Mike embodies EVERYTHING that *ROCKS*.

Ayn Rant: Mad Mike EMBODIES it. ALL of it!!!

swampmusic: omg. LOL. LOLOL!!!!!!!!! Every SINGLE THING that ROCKS. It’s…within him. In embodiment. LOL!!

Ayn Rant: ALL of it. EVERYthing that rocks. Not one or two or three things, but ALL THINGS THAT ROCK are EMBODIED within ONE man!

swampmusic: What’s funny is I wonder who it is that determines WHAT, exactly, *rocks*?! What if something that doesn’t rock ends up in there, does he embody that too?!

Ayn Rant: Noooo! Because he can’t embody something that doesn’t rock! See, Mad Mike *embodies* EVERYTHING that ROCKS, so something that DOESN’T rock cannot be embodied by him, no matter who thinks it belongs there!

swampmusic: I know, I know, but WHO exactly DETERMINES what exactly it is that rocks?! I mean, something that might rock to me might not rock to somebody else. You know, the whole “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” kind of thing. Is it God that decides? OMG DOES GOD DETERMINE WHAT ROCKS WITHIN MAD MIKE?!

Ayn Rant: I think the divine spark within each of us determines what rocks, and Mad Mike EMBODIES *all* of that. So whatever rocks for you, Made Mike *embodies* EVERYTHING that *rocks,* but the same is true for me. He is the embodiment of *everything* that ROCKS for me, also.

swampmusic: Ohhhhhhh. I think I *get it* now. You know that feeling you get when something just dawns on you and becomes crystal clear? I’m feelin’ it.

Ayn Rant: No. But I knew a man once, and he died. Also, wtf, this has NOTHING to do with Kirk?

swampmusic: Heh. Death.

Nibby: I can see what you guys are saying here, and Imma let you finish but saying the Mad Mike embodies EVERYTHING THAT ROCKS, does not preclude him from also embodying something that less than rocks or more than rocks because Mad Mike could be more than the EMBODIMENT OF EVERYTHING THAT ROCKS. Now, if you said that everything about Mad Mike rocks, well, then you’d be right. Just saying.

[swampmusic tries to wrap her mind around all of that and has a difficult time]

Nibby: It’s simple, really.

Ayn Rant: NO! He is *truly* an American hero!!! I do wish he’d written back, though. :o(

Nibby: Yeah, but chances are he wouldn’t be Mad Mike epic anymore – just some dude named Mike. No one could sustain that level of awesomeness for a long period of time. Maybe it’s better that he’s untainted in our hearts and minds. He’s probably all-business now with no party in the back. That beautiful blue muscle shirt is probably being used to wash his granny’s car and those high-waisted acid-wash denim shorts, if they survived the 90’s, are probably at the bottom of some Salvation Army clothes bin. In our memories, Mad Mike will live forever.

swampmusic: True. Once you hear from a hero and it turns out they’re just an ordinary Joe, the magical-ness just…lessens. It’s inevitable.


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