Sunday Conversations: Bag-Lady Nails

1 Nov


"Get to da CHOPAAAA!"

Retrovixen: Did swampmusic tell you about the Ahnold movie we watched where he’s 9 months pregnant? We couldn’t speak to each other for a while afterwards, and swampmusic started to cry and couldn’t explain her emotions. It fucked us up that much. We’ve seen things, Nibby. Seen things no other human should see.

swampmusic: When Arnold was dressed like a woman, he looked like my aunt [name removed to protect unfortunate relative]…….

Ayn Rant: BTW, we saw Zombieland. HYSTERICAL. And, Junior is still a bad movie.

swampmusic: So I’m watching Defiance. and DAMN. Liev Schreiber is HAWT!! Even in Wolverine, with the bag-lady nails….omg I dunno what it is, I’d HIT that SHIT.


We'd still hit it

Ayn Rant: RIGHT?! Thank you. HAWT. It’s why Nibby & I fight over him. He’s … yeah. And his voice is amazing.

Nibby: Johnny Depp wears silk scarves.

swampmusic: …………….but Johnny rocks them in a manly manner.


Is that glitter on the collar?

Nibby: True. I wish I could say that Alex rocks this leather jacket in a manly manner but I’d be lying like Dick Cheney.

swampmusic: You don’t want to be lying like Dick. ….. heh.

Nibby: I met a man named Crotchford today. That is all.

Ayn Rant: Excellent news!

swampmusic: How do you feel about that? How did you react upon receiving this information?

Nibby: At first I thought I’d heard incorrectly. I couldn’t believe my ears. I said, “Pardon me. Did you say Croootch-ford?”

swampmusic: Omg you actually said that?! “Did you say Croootch-ford?”

Nibby: Yep. He looked blank. How could he not know?!!

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