Photo Competition: Ugly Alex

28 Nov

Got this idea from Wicked over at True Recovery. I have yet to see Alexander Skarsgard take a bad photo. He just doesn’t seem to have a bad angle. I’d love to be proven wrong, so that I can confirm that he’s human and he’s not one of those impossibly good-looking V aliens, or worse, a figment of my imagination. So readers, go forth and scour the internet and find us an unflattering photo of Mr. Swexy. Email them to and I’ll post them here next week.

I have a feeling there won’t be any entries, which is fine because that means less work for us.  In the meantime, Alex continues to evade the bad photo police.

IcanhazSkarsgard? Click to enlarge


[UPDATE: Looks like there are quite a few unflattering photos of Mr. Swexy in circulation. Stay tuned!!]


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