Product Review: Max Factor, Laura Mercier

4 Dec

So I gave the Max Factor Pan-Stik a try, and this is my review:

First, this is a full-coverage foundation, so it’ll cover any redness/acne you have on your skin, which is a plus for me and my eczema! The foundation also has an old lady smell to it. However, you can’t smell it once you’ve applied it to your face.

When you first apply the foundation, it’s beautiful and flawless. I love how it makes my face look! Enjoy it while it lasts, though. Three hours later it’ll all be sitting in your pores, will easily come off your face and make every flaw visible. Needless to say I am unimpressed with this foundation, and am once again foundationless. *SIGH*

The next foundation I buy will be Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation! It’s a full coverage foundation specifically made for dry skin, so this would be perfect for my eczema, methinks. And Sephora has a great return policy, so I’m not too concerned if it ends up not being my cup of tea. 🙂

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