Stocking Stuffers for Women: Office Noise

12 Dec

Thanks to swampmusic for reminding me about this little gem. This all began one day when RetroVixen was laying in swampmusic’s room while she was answering emails, and RV just said to her, “Your typing is very soothing. You should come out with a CD.” I thought the idea was beyond brilliant, and apparently I wasn’t alone.

These are the kind of crazy but genius ideas that could make millions if only we would all dare to dream. People pay good money to hear trains, cars, crickets and rain on CD. Why not the sounds of the office? Throw in a bit of the paper shredder, a little photo copier and laser printer with the ping of the elevator and you’ve got … noise. Maybe you’re working from home and need the noise of other people working to motivate you to keep busy. Maybe you miss your little cubicle now that you’ve been promoted to the big window office. Maybe you’re an exhibitionist and you need the sound of others around you in order to … er … have a nice evening. This CD, filled with 18 hours of corporate office noises, including 20 minutes of synchonized urinals flushing to Wagner, could be the one for you.

Only $19.95. Order now and get The Arctic Cocks CD as a bonus.


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