Sunday Conversations: When Fantasies Collide

13 Dec

In this edition, we reminisce about the singularity that occured on May 6th, 2008, when RetroVixen, swampmusic, Ayn Rant and Nibby discovered that they were all simultaneously crushing on the same celebrity. It is a very very rare occurrence. Even more rare is the fact that they all decided to share him, rather than battle to the death (as is the norm).

“By the way, Ayn, Liev Schreiber is still mine!” — Nibby.

I swear I know someone that actually looks like that.

RetroVixen: OMG. Robert Downey Jr.’s a black man!

Nibby: Robert Downey Jr. is about to make a HELL OF A COMEBACK.

swampmusic: He sure is. And I can’t wait to see this! You guys…he’s PLAYING a BLACK MAN. This is making me hysterical!! And he actually looks and sounds like a black dude, I freakin love it! “I KNOW WHO I AM! I’m a dude playin’ a dude disguised as another dude!”

Nibby: He’s playing a very clichéd black man and I’m just going to love it.

swampmusic: That’s what makes it EMU!

RetroVixen: OMFG.

A dude playing a dude disguised as another dude ...

Ayn Rant: Jeebus, that one doesn’t even look like him!

Nibby: The make-up is amazing. RetroVixen, you’re going to have to share Black Robert Downey Jr. with me.

Ayn Rant: I would like a share of BRD-J too. ;o)

RetroVixen: ROFLMAO! We’re all going to have to share Black Robert Downey Jr.!

Ayn Rant: Wait … wait … WAIT. Holy fuck, you guys. Did … wait … did we all … I mean, did we … just … agree … on one man?! OMG. OMG. OMG?! And it’s … it’s … OMG, it’s Robert Downey, Jr. ?!?! !! ????? WTF?! Holy frak/frell/heck! OMG! The Earth will tilt on its axis … cats and dogs will lie down together in peace … OMG!

Nibby: It took RD-Jr as a black man for this to happen. That makes perfect sense to me, somehow.

Ayn Rant: I don’t get it, but it makes complete sense … only a black Robert Downey Jr. could bring us all together.


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