Look into my eyes …

6 Jan

You are getting very sleepy. Very sleepy. Your eyelids are getting heavy. But not too heavy for you to stop reading this. When I count to 3 you will be completely under my control. One. Two. Three.

I am Hypno Monkey and you are my very special friends. You love me. You want to make me happy. You want to give as much as you can to me. I will be very grateful to you. Please send a check or money order of no less than $20 to “Nibby’s Shelter for Homeless Designer Shoes, P.O. Box 1234, Nowhere Ontario P1S  4N7”. Remember, Simon says to give generously. Now go back to what you were doing and forget that you ever saw me.

Give if you can, otherwise you can become a member of the charity and receive money towards adopting your own pair of designer shoes. Give time, money or your feet.


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