Sunday Conversations: Cleverbot, Furries and 2009

10 Jan

In this Sunday conversation, we discuss our interaction with the online artificial intelligence that is Cleverbot (soon to be known as Skynet), our mutual confusion over the whole Furries phenomenon, the hotness that is Sam Worthington and make a tenuous link between him and Hugh Jackman and the best and worst of 2009. Truthfully, we’re all kind of glad to see the back of 2009.

Retrovixen: So there’s this AI online that you can have a conversation with. He’s….not very bright. And he got very upset when I asked him if computers could really eat (he said he was eating a tortilla). And holy crap, this computer is bitchy! And he also flirted with me. Okay. swampmusic, your Darth Vader vagina got mentioned in this.

Ayn: I stopped when it told me it was a god.

swampmusic: I just got into a fight with it about whether robots eat, and it said “Don’t you dare mock me!”


swampmusic: He almost gives Wolverine a run for his money when it comes to yelling at the sky.


Retrovixen: They need to do a movie together, and then to promote said movie they do a poster together with both of them yelling at the sky.

Nibby: There’s a rumour that Harry Hamlin makes a cameo. God knows he could use the money … to finance Lisa’s plastic surgery repairs.

Ayn: Her poor face. NO MORE!!! Also, that’ll be cool! And it’s a little spoilerish. I can’t lie to you, Nibs. If Hamlin shows up, I’m going to blame you a bit.

Nibby: Well, then it’s the worst kept secret in the world. (This and that Elvis is not dead.)

swampmusic: I LOVE deviantART!!! You guys ever go on there? There’s some amazing digital art and all kinds of other stuff.

Ayn: The artists there have great stuff … and a LOT of furries, EMO, vampire crap, too. LOL.

Nibby: Yes, lots of vampire crap too. Thanks, Ayn. Lots of gothic and anime stuff in general.

Ayn: You are welcome!

Nibby: I don’t understand the furries craze. Explain this to me. EMO I get because I’ve been there and done that but, as God is my witness, I will never go EMO again.

Ayn: Vampires and EMO I can understand. Everyone’s been depressed or felt sucked dry by an emotional a*hole at some point, so it makes sense. But furries — nah, that’s a mystery.

Nibby: So, I take it that you cannot provide me with any clarity on the subject. Thanks, anyway.

Ayn: Did you ask me to provide clarity on furries? You do have Google! I’d just, you know, be afraid of what came up when you searched for them.

Nibby: See, I was hoping you would do it and filter the info, so I wouldn’t have to suffer or risk being blinded.

swampmusic: What are furries, exactly? And OMG you were EMO!??!?!?!?!!! PICTURES. PLEASE.

Ayn: God bless the Simple English Wiki!!

Nibby: Bless you.

swampmusic: Ohhhh, THOSE things! What’s the appeal?!

Nibby: O_O

Ayn: O_O

1. Favorite Film of 2009. Why?

Ayn: Tough call, but probably District 9. Truly gritty, and the most realistic alien film by far.

Honorable mentions: Star Trek and Avatar.

Nibby: Up. It was so sad, that I cried for the first 10 minutes of the film, but it left me with such a wonderful feeling at the end. I would definitely recommend it as an integral part of any grief counseling program. Such an adorable film.

Honorable mention: District 9, Star Trek, Inglourious Basterds
2. Most-hated Film of 2009. Why?

Ayn: Terminator. Booooring.

Honorable mention: Transformers, but at least it was awesome looking.

Nibby: He’s Just Not That Into You. Talented cast given shitty material and poor direction. If this is what relationships are all about, I think I’d rather just get a life-time supply of D-size batteries for my vibrator.

3. Favorite TV Show of 2009. Why?

Ayn: Tudors was pretty good, and men are guaranteed at least one pair of nipples shown per episode. The “family favorite” is still Dirty Jobs. Chief Strong Jaw thinks Mike Rowe’s funny; I think he’s cute. Win-win.

Honorable mention: The end of BSG, which is more like a nod to what’s come before as opposed to an awesome end in S4.

Nibby: True Blood/Glee/Merlin/Torchwood: Children of the Earth

True Blood was a guilty pleasure and brought me more Alexander Skarsgard (naked). Glee filled me with … glee. Merlin was campy, cute and fun. Torchwood: Children of the Earth thoroughly entertained me and left me gutted and in need of … Glee.

4. Most-disappointing TV Show of 2009. Why?

Ayn: Dollhouse. It just should have been better. It had a lot of the cast of BSG in it and potential

Honorable Mentions: Robin Hood, and we’ve not managed to make ourselves watch the third season. It’s not No. 1 on this list because we knew it was campy going into it. “I AM ROBIN HOOD!”

Nibby: Doctor Who: So far I have been thoroughly unimpressed by Ten’s final four episodes. The specials have been anything but special. So much potential has been wasted. And of course, Dollhouse.

5. WTF, people? 2009


  • Where in the world is our S.C. governor? Oooho, right, Argentina with his mistress!
  • Bailouts for large corporation’s ski trips and executive bonuses.
  • Nothing else in 2009 mattered because Michael Jackson died.


  • Bad Parenting – Jon & Kate and Balloon Boy’s Folks
  • US government fails to revoke the visa of the attempted Christmas Day bomber on NWA Flight 253 after his own father warned them.
  • Skarsgard NOT cast as Thor
  • Kanye West is still invited …anywhere and still has a career.
  • WTF, Michael Bay? No, seriously, WTF?
  • Edward Cullen sans Volvo.
  • Joe Lieberman: something both Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that you can never trust Joe Lieberman.
  • Snuggies for Dogs and that uncle is still trying to get in your pants.

6.  MINE!!!! 347 $H17 N D13, M1N63R$!!! 2009

Ayn: Liev Schreiber 1z. I 4M 73H VV1N4R!!1!11!

Nibby: Liev Schreiber. Am I bovvered by Naomi Watts? No.

7. “All that glitters is not gold.” 2009


  • Barack Obama


  • Tiger Woods
  • Barack Obama

8. Like a rock 2009


  • My C.S.J.’s love
  • God’s faithfulness
  • Good friends who are more like family


  • My Mother
  • My Friends
  • My period (I can always count on it to show up at the most inconvenient of times)


3 Responses to “Sunday Conversations: Cleverbot, Furries and 2009”

  1. swampmusic January 10, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    Sorry I didn’t take the survey, but I really don’t watch TV and didn’t watch *enough* movies this year to feel that I qualified!!!

    • nibbynibby January 12, 2010 at 11:55 am #

      No worries! I figured it was something like that. Friends don’t ask for explanations and enemies don’t deserve one. Love you!

  2. swampmusic January 12, 2010 at 6:08 pm #

    Love that quote ;o) Love you too!

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