Band of Hotties: Where are they now? Part I

30 Jan

Kanye: Generation Kill, Imma let you finish but Band of Brothers was the best mini series of ALL TIME!

“They were brave men. They were complex men. And, thanks to Spanks’s crack casting agents, they were also hot men. (Well, except David Schwimmer.)”

– Television Without Pity

Back in 2001, mere days before the tragic events at the World Trade Centre, a mammoth 10-part miniseries produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg (a.k.a Spanks) premiered on HBO. With The Pacific set to premiere this March, the ladies of Singlarity thought it would be a good time to catch up with some of the cast of Band of Brothers. Some have gone on to star in feature films, television shows and other miniseries, some have popped up in odd places, while others have faded into obscurity or returned momentarily to their boy-band days. WTF, Donnie? So this is part I in the series in which we catch up with your beloved band of hotties. Part II | Part III

Poor David Schwimmer

Damian Lewis (Major Richard Winters)

If Band of Brothers had a lead actor, it was Damian Lewis. Since the series, Lewis has been the most successful career-wise, starring in The Forsythe Saga miniseries, several critically-acclaimed independent films and the successful TV series Life, that ended its run when NBC decided to give up on prime-time drama (and we all know how well that experiment turned out). Lewis recently finished filming the comedy Your Highness with James Franco and Natalie Portman.

Pegg's humor is always classy

Simon Pegg  (Sgt. William Evans)

Simon is often in our mailboxes. Don’t ask us what thaty means, okay? Pegg’s role in BoB failed to show his comedic talents. Since then, he’s done everything in his power to make us split our sides laughing. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are two of our favorite films OF. ALL. TIME. I think I need some ice-cream.  Most people last saw Pegg as “Scotty” in last summer’s Star Trek reboot. He’s already signed up for the sequel.

Lewis (center) and Hughes (to his right) as Winters and Guarnere

Frank John Hughes (Staff Sgt. William Guarnere)

Since BoB, FJH has played mostly hard-asses, usually in law enforcement. And why not? FJH looks awesome in a uniform. However, his current gig has him in a tailored suit as head of the Secret Service detail at White House  on 24 – a job that requires him to play a character that’s a little less abrasive and a bit more savvy than normal.

Speight plays a Trickster on Supernatural

Richard Speight Jr. (Sgt. Warren ” Skip” Muck)

RSJr currently plays a Trickster on the CW’s Supernatural, one of Nibby and RetroVixen’s favorite shows. Prior to that he had a recurring role on ABC’s short-lived Jericho. After BoB, RSJr landed a recurring role on CBS’s The Agency and has done several guest appearances on other shows, including CSI Miami, Alias and Lewis’s Life.

Dexter Fletcher (Staff Sgt. John Martin)

His name should be “Dexter Flexible” because he’s been everywhere and done everything since BoB, from small roles in the  submarine thriller Below, romantic yarns like Tristan + Isolde and Stardust to larger roles like his turn as Tony Casemore in the sexy BBC series Hotel Babylon.

Cheeky Leibgott

Ross McCall (Cpl. Joseph Leibgott)

Last year, Ross dodged a major bullet when he was dumped by Jennifer Love Hewitt just before walking down the aisle. “Liebgott” was last seen on Showtime’s original series Crash, which was based on the award-winning film of the same name. Hope you got the ring back.

David Schwimmer (Capt. Herbert Sobel)

Since Friends ended its run in 2004, Schwimmer has done a lot of behind the scenes work including directing Pegg in Run Fatboy Run. He also does the voice of Melman in the animated Madagascar films.


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