Band of Hotties: Where are they now? Part II

10 Feb

Yes, Rick Warden (far left) really is that short.

“They were brave men. They were complex men. And, thanks to Spanks’s crack casting agents, they were also hot men. (Well, except David Schwimmer.)”

– Television Without Pity

Back in 2001, mere days before the tragic events at the World Trade Centre, a mammoth 10-part miniseries produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg (a.k.a Spanks) premiered on HBO. With The Pacific set to premiere this March, the ladies of Singlarity thought it would be a good time to catch up with some of the cast of Band of Brothers. Some have gone on to work with award-winning directors, some have popped up in random commercials, while others have faded into obscurity or have gone behind the scenes to voice high-pitched, panty-waisted prepubescent cartoon characters. WTF, Scott? So this is part II in the series in which we catch up with your beloved band of hotties.

Part I | Part III

Hotties on a hard body

Ron Livingston (Capt. Lewis Nixon)

Prior to Band of Brothers, Ron Livingston was best known as that guy from Office Space. Livingston has been pretty busy ever since with roles in both feature films (The Cooler, Little Black Book, Pretty Persuasion and The Time Traveler’s Wife) and TV shows (The Practice, Sex and the City and Standoff). He was most recently seen on Canadian television in the sci-fi series Defying Gravity in which he plays one of eight astronauts living on an international space craft exploring the Solar System. Ayn doesn’t think he’s aged well.

I'd love to see another Lewis-Livingston pairing

Donnie Wahlberg  (Lt. Carwood Lipton)

Prior to Band of Brothers, Donnie Wahlberg earned his first 15 minutes of fame as the “bad boy” member of New Kids on the Block. He was virtually unrecognizable as the shooter in the opening of The Sixth Sense. After the miniseries, Donnie teamed up again with Damian Lewis in the Stephen King film Dreamcatcher. After two seasons as the lead on NBC’s Boomtown, Donnie went on to appear in not one but three films in the Saw franchise (yikes!). In 2008, Donnie and the other five members of New Kids on the Block reunited for an new album and tour, which was more successful than I could have expected. Scanning through Donnie’s IMDb profile and you can’t help but notice that he’s played a police detective about a billion times. Time to stretch yourself a little, Donnie, or start showing another side to the casting directors. Personally, I think Donnie has more acting talent than his more famous sibling, Mark.

Like Lipton, Donnie has a big heart.

Neal McDonough (Lt. Buck Compton)

McDonough is equally known for his propensity to wear really tight and revealing pants and for his propensity to play angry (sometimes ax-wielding) characters. His blue eyes and platinum blond hair make him the perfect guy to play intense and possibly bat-shit crazy characters. After working alongside Wahlberg in NBC’s Boomtown, McDonough took the lead in the imaginatively-titled procedural Medical Investigations for two seasons. McDonough returned to World War II in Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers before playing the title character in the SyFy miniseries Tin Man (sporting impossibly tight khakis). He had the unfortunate distinction of playing Lindsay Lohan’s father in the multiple-Razzie-nominated I Know Who Killed Me. McDonough was last seen playing the vengeful Dave Williams on Desperate Housewives.

McDonough with the real Buck Compton

Michael Fassbender (Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson)

Following Band of Brothers, Michael played the devilish Azazael on the less than stellar Hex. The show literal went to Hell after he left. In 2007, Michael became the object of many women’s and gay men’s desires as Stelios in the (homoerotic) classic 300, alongside Gerard Butler. He received critical praise for his turn as Bobby Sands in Hunger. Most recently, we got to see Michael speak German in Inglourious Basterds. He can be seen in the upcoming Jonah Hex film and will soon begin filming Jane Eyre where he plays the mysterious Mr. Rochester. YUMMY!

I can assure you that those abs were not painted on

Eion “Frickin'” Bailey (Pvt. David Kenyon Webster)

Frickin’ followed Band of Brothers with a role in And Starring Pancho Villa alongside Antonio Banderas. Since then he has had small roles in small films and has made the rounds on almost all of CBS’s procedural dramas (Without a Trace, Cold Case , CSI: NY, and Numb3rs).

Where are you, Frickin'?


4 Responses to “Band of Hotties: Where are they now? Part II”

  1. Ayn Rant February 10, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    Ah, remember back in the day when Frickin’ was the one with the career? Wow. I second the nomination that Donnie needs to stretch his acting! What was that drama in which he was the lead actor about a whole family trying to disappear? Kidnapped, or Disappeared, or something equally lame-titled?

  2. nibbynibby February 10, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Runaway. Yeah. Very imaginative. They filmed 10 episodes but only 3 aired. I don’t even think it’s on DVD.


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