Alexander Skarsgard is still trying to kill me

19 Feb

My stay at the Northman Treatment Centre (NTC) has been extended indefinitely.

"... things were going in the right direction."

Professor Northman seemed to think I was making great strides and then this happened. DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK UNLESS YOU HAVE HOURS TO WASTE IN LA LA LAND.

"The paranoia has returned ten-fold!"

If you don’t think Alex is trying to kill me, look at that photo again … that is if you managed to tear yourself away from it for the first time. I do not wish to be responsible for spreading my illness so I have opted not to post the photo on this blog. That would be incredibly irresponsible of me.

"If all else fails, we've still got the photos of a naked Phillip Seymour Hoffman."



One Response to “Alexander Skarsgard is still trying to kill me”


  1. When fandoms collide « Singlarity: Single Hilarity - February 25, 2010

    […] consider his appearance nothing less than sabotage! Did I mention that I suffer from paranoia? Next week promises to be pretty intense, with a busload of new patients arriving at the NTC. Right […]

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