When fandoms collide

25 Feb

I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell.

Prof. Northman of the Northman Treatment Centre

"This entire blog is pretty damning evidence."

Unfortunately, my employee health insurance does not cover Skarsgard Syndrome or True Blood withdrawal, so all the expenses I have incurred while at the Northman Treatment Centre (NTC) are out-of-pocket expenses. Well, I guess that’s what credit cards and the Bank of Mom are for.

The past few weeks, my treatment has focused primarily on deflection or distraction. Prof. Northman thinks that if I were to (get a life and) focus on other interests, I might be able to survive this freakin’ hiatus. So I’ve been doing that by re-watching Band of Brothers – a former obsession of mine. I’ve also been watching trailers and reading everything I can about The Pacific, which premiers next month on HBO. It’s been pretty effin’ ninja reliving my excitement over the men of Easy company.  I think I’ve been making great strides over the past week, but Alexander Skarsgard really doesn’t want me to get better. He certainly didn’t help my cause by showing up at the premiere of The Pacific.

"There is always going to be temptation!"

I consider his appearance nothing less than sabotage! Did I mention that I suffer from paranoia? Next week promises to be pretty intense, with a busload of new patients arriving at the NTC. Right now, the group therapy sessions are pretty crowded. Still, there’s no better place to go for treatment.

"There is only treatment. There is no cure."


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