From my padded cell …

5 Mar

It’s a good thing you can get service in the isolation rooms at the Northman Treatment Centre and that the orderlies don’t know how to properly put on a straight-jacket. I managed to sneak my cellphone in it without them knowing. Prof. Northman will never find out … unless he reads this blog. Mwahahahaha!

So last night I had a particularly bad episode of Skarsgard Syndrome, which involved screaming “OMG!” for 40 minutes, followed by the word “Wow” on loop for 3 hours. It all started with this. Thanks, is my Hot Alex Crack dealer, and the main reason my recovery has been so slow.

After my outburst, I merely suggested that the best possible treatment would be for me to actually meet Mr. Skarsgard. The response was decidedly negative.

"Never going to happen."

Please?! Pretty please? With strawberry ice cream and a burrito on top?

"I've tried almost everything."

Anyway, after my episode, Prof. Northman thought I needed to spend sometime alone reflecting on my behaviour and how it is holding me back.

"You seem to be getting worse and not better."


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