Just Eat it!

17 Apr

Never thought I’d learn anything from ONTD other than how to love/hate/stalk/obsess/fan-wank/lick the monitor displaying a photo of/wet pants over/be jealous of a celebrity from the comfort of my home office. Well, it’s time for me to eat crow. Today I learned about Fat Farms in Mauritania. On this side of the Atlantic, a fat farm is somewhere individuals who are weight-challenged go to slim down. On this side of the Atlantic, we’re obsessed with being super-skinny. Myself, I have an incredibly unhealthy relationship with my bathroom scale. We break up and make up almost on a daily basis.  “I want your love. Love. Love. Love.”

In other places like Mauritania and Botswana, men prefer their women to be a little bit on the heavy-side and in some cases morbidly so. The thought of being forced to eat 10,000 calories a day at the age of 7 terrifies me. My mind flashes back (insert that sucking sound from Lost) to my 9th birthday, when I told my Mom that all I wanted was a whole baked chicken as a gift. Not a Cabbage Patch Kid, Barbie Doll or My Little Pony. I wanted a whole baked chicken. My mother obliged and put one in front of me at dinner that day. I was seriously disappointed when she started carving it up and dishing out pieces to my brothers and my Dad. “I wanted a whole chicken for myself!” I remember the shocked look on their faces when they realized that I was serious. Anyway, flash forward to the present (insert that sucking sound from Lost). As an adult, I still have not been able to eat an entire baked chicken in one sitting. Even now that I live on my own and can buy a whole chicken for myself. I just can’t do it. Well, maybe I could but it would be so incredibly painful and I’m getting nauseous just thinking about it. So, the thought of being force-fed gallons of milk, lard and eggs before breakfast goes beyond the limits of what I can comprehend.

What is happening in Mauritania is just another extreme case of a global problem. It seems no matter where you go, women are always being told that they’re not good enough and worse some are being told/coerced into doing dangerous things to “fix” their problems. I have many problems, but fuck any man who tells me I need to gain/lose weight, fix my nose/teeth/hair or dress a certain way.  I notice that the girls’ mothers also aid in perpetuating the cycle of self-loathing. So much of our own self-image comes from watching our mothers, how they treat us, how they treat themselves and how they are treated by others. The self-hate needs to stop.


3 Responses to “Just Eat it!”

  1. missberlish April 18, 2010 at 2:00 am #

    My girlfriend and I were just talking about this on our run the other day. Why can’t women control their own bodies? I workout a lot not because I hate my body, but its so I don’t kill anyone. I get really grouchy when I don’t get my endorphin fix.

  2. wickedvikinglover April 18, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    I was watching an episode of Jessica Simpsons The Price of Beauty, what can I say, I find her insanely charming, and she went to Uganda and met a tribe that fattens their women up before they get married. They put them in a “fattening hut” for two months and then the women consume over 5,000 calories a day, while barely moving. It was……something…..

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