13 Days of Skarsgard: Day 12

28 Apr

Wow, just tomorrow left. Not everyone gets Alexander’s brand of humor but it’s certainly my …

Favorite Thing About Alexander #12: He’s one funny mo-fo

"I am Eric Northman, and I approve of this."



Not that we would notice anyone else in this photo, but just in case ...

"Hmmm ... your nipples are like nails."

Geert might have been depressed but she's still hotter than Sophie Ann LeClerc

"Sam Trammell's balls are THIS big!"

"My only regret is that I have but one eye to give Lady Gaga."

"They're not pink tights, but they'll do. Sexay!"

"You talking to me?"

"Aww, yeah!

"Why is the pot always gone?"

Damn, right!

This ... never gets old.

Lalalala. Lick. Slurp.

"I'll make this quick since I have to go potty."

Photo Source: JustJared, SkarsgardNews.com


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