Interesting Reading

8 May

We all know about the send up of Facebook on South Park. Well, we at least hope you’ve seen it. We all know about Facebook’s interesting relationship with privacy. Well, we at least hope you do as there is no privacy on Facebook.  We all know how much easier Facebook has made it for us to stay connected with family, friends, frenemies, ex-boyfriends, the guy who bullied us in high school, the guys we plan to marry or ask to father our children if all hope is lost (a.k.a. the dick behind glass), and people we actually don’t know but added to pad our number of friends or because they were suggested to us and we didn’t want to offend anybody. Here is some food for thought courtesy of the Business Insider.

10 Reasons to Delete Your Facebook Account


10 Reasons You’ll Never Quit Facebook

The scariest part for me is just how difficult it would be to truly leave Facebook, even if I wanted to. Knoxious is right. It’s already the United Corporations of the Americas and the European Corporations Union in control, soon to be joined by the Chinese Banks World Domination Tour. Not even Vladimir Putin’s nipples can save us now.


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