Song of the Day: F*@#ing Matt Damon by Sarah Silverman

8 Jun

Featuring Matt Damon. We are in love with Matt Damon … again. Sometimes we forget how awesome he is and then we see him and … BOOM!

swampmusic: Omg Matt is another one! LOVE him, and always forget that I do LOL. His sense of humor is incredible!!!

Nibby: Shaggable but forgettable? Seriously, though. I LOVE MATT DAMON.

swampmusic: And yet, the love becomes…forgotten…until you see him again, right?? I almost feel…guilty. I’ve adored him ever since that one scene in SPR when he was telling Tom Hanks the barn story about his brothers, and he couldn’t stop laughing and he was just so cute!

RetroVixen: I’d hit it. Matt Damon I mean. WOOF.

Nibby: See him. Love him. Forget him. See him. Love him, again. Remember?


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