True Wishes: My wish list for Season 3 of True Blood

9 Jun

I kinda like Anna's dress. It's bold and different.

I’d like more Eric (preferably naked), more Pam, more Laffayette, more Godric flashbacks, more vikings, more Jason and Andy bonding, more Hoyt and Jessica puppy love, less Bill and Sookie schmoopie-woopie-ness, absolutely no mention of maenads, and for Arlene to eat a cheeseburger or two. From what I’ve read, it seems I may get ALL my wishes. I’d also like Tara to get her balls back from the first season. This I have heard nothing about which makes me sad. How about more two-natured? Magic 8 ball says “Absolutely!” How about the fae? Magic 8 balls says “Anything is possible.” Can Bill dislodge the crucifix stuck up his ass? Magic 8 balls says “Um … what?! I thought is was a Civil War era bayonet.”

My friend, Spider, wants more balance for Tara and “more depth to the female vampire characters, as to this point they’ve been kind of 2-dimensional.” I agree. Pam and Jessica are two of my faves.  I like the idea of Pam mentoring Jessica. Spider also wants Eric and Godric to get it on “hot ‘n slurpy” and to see Jason’s “wiggly”. Hmmm … Alan Ball?

Oh, Eric. Don't you know that Sookie can't be glamored? However, I can. Just saying.

So readers (all two of you), what say you? What would you like to see this season on True Blood.

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