No, France, there is no Santa Claus

22 Jun

There is no Santa for arrogant, spoiled and selfish children. Coal in the stockings will not suffice. Anelka, Gallas, Evra and the rest of the rotten apples in Les Bleus, along with the ineffectual lame duck Domenech have broken my heart, and I’m not even French. Seeing the long and sad face of Zidane at yesterday’s press conference made the pain even more unbearable. They ended their World Cup without honour and without class, with Domenech refusing the shake the hand of South Africa’s coach after France were beaten.

After Henry’s controversial handball, France needed to prove that they belonged at the World Cup finals. What can I say? They failed miserably. Zidane’s headbutt and red card from 2006 is a distant memory. France will not disappear but their football history is forever tarnished. They will rebuild and rise again, but not with this sad lot of posers.

My heart is aching. France is like a really lame boyfriend. You know the kind. France is the kind of boyfriend that deliberately forgets his wallet at home when he takes you out to dinner. France is the kind of boyfriend that kicks your cat when you’re not looking. France is the kind of boyfriend that forgets your birthday, blames you for not reminding him and is pissed when you can’t take a week off work to celebrate his. France is earning its well-deserved flight home. Like a really bad relationship, they will be hard to get over but they will not be missed. Don’t call me and don’t text me. No more I love yous.

Oh, and yes, Ayn, this is sports.


One Response to “No, France, there is no Santa Claus”

  1. tjana pengar pa roulett July 22, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    Folks, do not believe in this bullshit.

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