True Wishes: Dreams come true in Episode Two

22 Jun

Despite the lack of naked Eric in the second episode of the third season of True Blood, I had many of my season three wishes come true. Just like the first episode, this one was manic but in a way that helped rather than hindered the story-telling.

First a few interesting numbers:

1 – The number of people who seem to have their shit together in this episode. That designation goes to Pam. I like that for her babies in soiled diapers are equally as disgusting as maggots. I feel ya, Pam.

2 – The number of times Sookie makes other people’s relationship issues all about her (Terry & Arlene, and Hoyt & Jessica). Oh, Sookie, only your lurve is epic.

3 – The average number of  seasons it takes for a show to bring in the Nazis

I am disturbed by how hot I think he looks in a Nazi uniform

4 – The number of shitty human parents: Lettie-Mae, Mrs. Reynolds, Mom and Pop Mickens. We’d have 6 if we included the number of shitty vampire parents. Bill and Lorena, I am looking at you!

0 – The number of times I want to hear about Maryanne. Unfortunately, that dream has yet to be realized. Damn maenads.

This episode was all about family – the one you’re born into and the family that you make. Tara and Lafayette realize that they only have each other and they need to stay strong for each other. Also, no matter how crappy your family is, you can’t completely cut them out of your lives. Sookie  and Jason bond over restoring Gran’s house. You really do believe that they are siblings and that no matter what, each will have the others back. Arlene in her backward-ass way realizes that her priority should be her kids and that Terry is probably the nicest guy she has brought into their lives over the years. Sam realizes that being related biologically doesn’t make you kin and that little brothers are ALWAYS a pain the ass. Always, Sam.

Is there some kind of Department of Child Protective Services for vamp-kids? I would like to file a complaint against Bill Compton for neglect and abandonment. Yes, he was kidnapped, but long before that he could have at least taught Jessica how to live as a vampire and what to do when there is a problem … like call Eric. I would also like to file a complaint against Lorena for creating the cycle of abuse. I hope Bill wasn’t fantasizing about turning Lorena into a Molotov cocktail. Bitch needs to burn. Can Pam just adopt Jessica? It would be the best thing to ever happen to the baby vamp, besides Hoyt Fortenberry, of course.

Finally, we have Jason and Andy making a family of their own. Jason now idolizes and respects Andy, something that Andy has always longed for. Andy sees potential in Jason, something that Jason has always longed for. It’s the sweetest thing since Jessica and Hoyt met cute at Merlotte’s last season. I especially loved when Andy took his moronic drunk pseudo-son for a ride along. In fact, RetroVixen thinks Jason is going to become a cop.  Her review of the episode is below:

I love how they follow the book a little, but really try to make it their own, you know? I spot some plotlines from the books, but they add so many wonderful surprises! I think Jason’s gonna end up being a cop, based on what I watched last night. Andy will not be pleased, ha! AND OMG. LORENA! That bitch! She deserved some fire to the head. And Ericwas…mmm. Eric. The only complaint that I have is that the series NEEDS MORE PAM.

Also, I cracked up every time they cut to Bill and they kept giving him a different meal. It’s like, DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, then cut to them serving him blood soup with a subtle taste of citrus or something. Loved it!

Dude!! What did I just say about not mentioning maenads?

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