True Wishes: Left wanting more after Episode Four

13 Jul

This episode was decidedly better than the previous episode. Then again, I thought the series hit rock bottom in episode three, so there was nowhere to go but up. They raised the stakes and my favorite character found herself in a pickle. Not everyone can manage to be clever and look classy while being tortured by the Magister in Eric’s basement. Certainly not Eric. Dude looked like he was about to lose his shit until Pam bought herself some time. Eric, you need to return to being a badass. Pammie needs you. I need you. My ovaries need you. Um … yeah. Also, Alcide, you never need to put on a shirt and you should come up to Canada and keep me warm for starters. Who needs a space heater when you’ve got Alcide Herveaux?

The women were front and center and taking control in tonight’s episode. Well, except for Tara. Motherf—! I will not be satisfied with this season unless Tara stakes Franklin Mott, but not before setting him on fire and inserting a silver dildo up his ass. Is it bad that I find Were-Sookie more attractive than regular Sookie? Episode Four introduced us to two absolutely skankalicious characters – Debbie Pelt and Janice Herveaux. Meanwhile, the only character that has had her shit together from day one found herself in harms way thanks to a crazy queen and a distracted maker. They better not fucking kill Pam. I will stop watching this show if they kill Pam … for at least a season. Sorry, Pammie, I cannot give up seeing a naked and amnesiac Eric. I want to see Pam and Sookie’s friendship blossom as it does in the books, so please Alan Ball, don’t make Pam a regular just so you can kill her off.

It’s good to see Jessica working at Merlotte’s. This makes her the third waitress at Sam’s diner. If she wasn’t already dead, I’d be worried for her. I never thought this would happen, but I totally agree with Arlene. Sam really needs to put his foot down with the staff. Tara, Sookie and Lafayette take off whenever they want and Arlene seems to be the only one who shows up everyday for her shift without a fail. You know, I feel bad for Kendra. She’s possibly the only decent and competent cop in Bon Temps and she had to stand there and watch Andy become Sheriff. The situation did provide her with the line of the night though.

The only way to get a promotion is to drink like a fish, hallucinate farm animals and shoot a black man…

Speaking of good lines, I can’t wait to find the opportunity to say “Come on, RuPaul!” First, I need to find a black gay friend. I’ve got gay friends and I’ve got black friends, but I have no black gay friends. Where to go? Kijiji? Craig’s List? Anyway, I would be happy if this turned into the Eric and Lafayette Show featuring Pam and Tara, with the two of them cruising around selling V and glamoring people.

That being said, I found the scenes with Bill and Lorena tolerable this week, punch to the face included (I mean, he did ask her politely to leave and she refused and continued to spout her crazy-ass shit). The creepiest part of the episode for me had to be Debbie’s initiation and the communion of Russell Edgington’s blood. This show needed a magnificent bastard and they’ve finally found one, complete with (son of) God complex. I hope that in time the character of Calvin Norris is given some redeeming qualities. He’s actually an honorable man caught in a difficult situation in the books. Still, writing him as a drug dealer gave us the opportunity to see Eric save the day. I needed that. This season on the Vampire Bachelor:

Tune in later for RetroVixen’s response.


3 Responses to “True Wishes: Left wanting more after Episode Four”

  1. missberlish July 14, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    Your writing and insight brings me so much joy ❤

    I think everyone loved Were-Sookie. She looked a thousand times better than blonde Sookie. *Anna, take note and dye that sh!t back to brown or better yet, jet black.

    I really don't think Ball would kill Pam but you never know. And Mott definitely needs to meet his maker. That vampire is pure evil.

    • Nibby July 14, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

      I hope you’re right. We can’t lose Pam. I can’t!

  2. missberlish July 14, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    Well, if I’m wrong and he kills her off this season I will send you my autographed Pam picture 🙂

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