True Wishes: Sookie goes to heaven in Episode Seven

5 Aug

Well, it wasn’t exactly heaven, but there were plenty of heavenly creatures featured in episode seven. The TV show has certainly veered far away from the source material with the introduction of its version of Claudine, and its explanation of what makes all the boys come to yard for Sookie Stackhouse. I won’t say anymore for the sake of those of you who haven’t read the books and want to remain spoiler-free. I’m taking Eric’s advice and waiting to see how things play out before criticizing. I found the magical garden filled with dancing supermodels quite campy and that’s exactly what you expect from True Blood. This show never takes itself too seriously. Eric’s reaction to finding out Sookie’s secret was just delicious (as was his cupping of Hadley’s breasts – my own breasts were extremely jealous).

After episode seven I have decided that there is nothing I love about Bill Compton. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I hate the way he is written on the show. Book Bill had redeeming qualities. As for TV Bill, we are so done. I find TV Bill incredibly weak and emo one minute and then in the next he’s all Vampire Jesus. I just don’t think that this TV Bill has earned the right to be the constant savior or Sookie’s one true love. I feel that they have completely underused the character of Alcide Herveaux and undermined Eric’s growing bond with Sookie. It’s almost like the second season didn’t happen. Sookie and Eric are back at square one – season one. Honestly, I don’t see where there’s a choice in there for Sookie. Right now she has to choose between her undefined “light” and the vampire who dumped her unceremoniously, almost drained her dry but came back just in the nick of time to save her with his blood. Well we already knew Bill was into recycling (just ask Jessica) but this takes the cake. When Tara (who continued on her awesome streak) kicked his ass out into the sun I screamed “Can I get a ‘HELL YEAH!'” but lost my enthusiasm when I realized that I was (yet again) watching True Blood alone.

Alcide and his fine ass (and abs) haven’t had enough screen time. However, I totally bought his scenes with Debbie in the barn, mostly because Brit Morgan just BROUGHT IT. The pain and menace in her voice was so palpable. I share your pain, Debs. I thought you and Cooter were the best couple EVER on True Blood. I’m sorry that the only Cooter I have ever loved is now dead and no amount of V will bring him back. I have a silly question. If all dogs go to heaven, where is Cooter right now? My second favorite couple isn’t doing too well either. Hoyt Fortenberry seems to have picked himself up a real Tracy Flick of a girlfriend. Can’t blame her for wanting him to taste her biscuits. I’ve never been a fan of keeners but I really like this girls moxie. Wait till Jessica sinks her fangs into her.

It didn’t take Jason long to veer right off the path of legality. Procuring meth for the addict cousin of the girl you really really want to shag just so you can find out who the idiot she’s living with is, is quite possibly one of the dumbest things Jason has done on this show (which includes sleeping with the pastor’s wife in the balcony of the pastor’s church, going to a vampire-run bar looking for V, asking for an explanation of the entire continent that is Europe and masturbating until there are blisters on both his palms and his penis). His having to go to the hospital to be with Sookie seems like a blessing, although I think it probably has only delayed his venture into Stupidville.

In the plot line that I really couldn’t be arsed about, Sam’s rescue of little Tommy was … satisfying. For a second there, I thought Tommy was going to choose his loser parents over a fresh start with Sam. Still, did I really need to see Joe Lee in his nasty whities again? Alan Ball, do you need an intervention?

I’ve saved the best part of this episode for last. PAM LIVES! PAM LIVES! PAM LIVES! PAM LIVES! Before tonight I would have been sad to see the demise of the Magister, but the minute he threatened to take silver to Pam’s beautifully shadowed eye-lids, he was dead to me. Russell is one scary mo-fo. Watch your back Eric (and your front too). Being really really really really ridiculously good-looking might help you throw Russell off his guard, but killing him is another story. I think I might be half-in-love with Russell Edgington myself. God help me. Maybe Franklin and I need to see the same therapist.

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RetroVixen’s Response:

Alcide isn’t getting enough screen time, but he is going to be in the next season as well, so hopefully he’ll be around longer than he was in the books. Beel is just…Beel. He needs to get his shit together and realize he lost his chance(s) with Sookie. And what is with the vampires wearing track suits?!! Him and Eric seem to have a little collection or something. It’s weirding me out.

Hoyt needs to run away from the girl that brought him homemade biscuits (forgot her name). She’s got STALKER written all over her. Pretty soon she’ll be writing their initials in trees, coming up names for their future children and planning the interior decoration of their future house. Jessica needs to pay her a visit. Heh.


2 Responses to “True Wishes: Sookie goes to heaven in Episode Seven”

  1. missberlish August 6, 2010 at 5:20 pm #

    It is becoming to feel like there will be no romance for Sookie this season. No nookie for Sookie 😦

    • Nibby August 6, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

      This makes me very sad. 😦

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