I’m just being honest

9 Aug

Last night’s episode of True Blood was awful on several fronts and HELLS, YEAH! on a few others. More on that in tomorrow’s True Wishes review. So here are some things that have puzzled me over the past few days.

1. What is the difference between a flutist and a flautist? I’m not satisfied with the Google results.

2. Why do most of my panties have a kind of pouch in the crotch area? Is it for smuggling? Is it for cross-dressers?

3. Spiders are able to spin out large and intricate webs in a matter of hours or minutes, so why is the expansion of a 100 km highway from 2 lanes to 4 lanes taking 6 years?

4. Why is it that no matter what time of the morning I am supposed to get up, my cat wakes me up exactly 45 minutes earlier.

and finally,

5. If Sookie Stackhouse is going to continue to be a “dumb bitch”, should I really continue watching True Blood? I need a heroine I can relate to, not horror-movie-chainsaw-killer fodder.


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