True Wishes: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in episode nine

17 Aug

This episode was a major improvement over the previous episode, but it still had major problems. At the end of episode nine, I was left with two unassailable truths:

1. Whether Bill really loves Sookie cannot diminish the fact that Bill is a Sookie-blood junkie and he is unable to distinguish his blood-addiction from real love. This explains the Queen’s comment to Bill when Bill told her he only feeds on  Sookie in Season 2: “Why would you do that?!” and her warning to Eric: “Don’t!” Seriously, Eric. Don’t!

2. I am in love with Russell Edgington. Russell Edgington is indeed the vampire my soul has been searching for …  for … uh .. for 3-4 years, or however long this latest vampire craze has been going on. Kudos to Alan Ball and Denis O’Hare for creating someone so theatrical, yet believable and so menacing that I am really really really really super scared for the giant and beautiful Eric (and Pam too!).

The Best of Times

1. Hoyt admitting to Jessica that he hates Summer and misses Jessica. I hate Summer too. Let’s get matching t-shirts.

2. Eric and Pam coming to terms with the possibility that this could be the end of their years together and Eric paying Pam the greatest compliment a maker can give to his child – telling her that she’s ready to be a maker.

3. Eric staring down the Authority and Nan Flanigan and telling them that he wants Russell Edgington to die at his own hands. Treason be damned!

4. Claudine magic-face-palms Bill and calls him out on his shit. I only wish she had kicked him around a bit more. Claudine is not to be trifled with. If only she could talk some sense into Sookie.

5. I like veggie burgers. I like bacon. I like LaLa bringing Jesus a veggie burger with bacon and talking about dessert. Those guys are too cute.

6. Franklin Mott is truly dead. Thank you. Pity it wasn’t Tara who staked him, but she stood up to him and didn’t give him an ounce of satisfaction. I will not mourn you, Franklin and neither should Tara.

7. “Now, time for the weather. Tiffany?” Have I mentioned that I am in love with Russell Edgington? It’s too bad he’s gay and hung up on Talbot’s remains. By the way, nice urn. My grandmother had a container like that in which she kept sugarplums.

The Worst of Times

1. Jessica running off to be comforted by pain-in-the-ass Tommy. I am so over his stumpy little behind.

2. Nan Flanigan calling Eric “a whiny little bitch”. I’m sorry, was she talking about Tommy or Eric? There is nothing “little” about the Northman, I assure you. As for “whiny”, the dude has a valid point about Russell being three times his age.  Now that Russell has come out on TV as the true face of vampires, do you think you could spare the viking a few resources.

3. Jason knows there are such things as were wolves since Sookie told him, yet after what happened to Kevin (and that naked, raw-dear-eating dude hissing after him in the previous episode), Jason can’t put 2 and 2 together when it comes to Crystal and her kin. Then again, he’d need to have 2 functioning brain cells to add to another 2 functioning brain cells to do that. He may not be dumb enough to not get depressed, but Jason Stackhouse should keep his name on the brain transplant registry.

4. Bill goes to the Magic Kingdom and finds out what Sookie is (but we the viewers have to wait at least another week).  I almost turned off the TV at this point. If it wasn’t for my desire to find out what was going to happen to Eric and Pam, I would have abandoned this episode. Alan Ball has taken Bill Compton’s character beyond the point of redemption. There is nothing attractive about him right now.

5. Tommy walking all over Sam and not being made to pay for it. Violence will not solve Tommy’s problems but I have never wanted to slap someone so much in my life. Also, you should stick to dating women your own size.

I don’t know how I feel about this

1. Sam auditioning for TNA on Calvin Norris’s face. I don’t like this TV Calvin Norris, but no one, not even this asshat, deserves a beat down like that. Next time, Sam, go to the walk-in freezer and wail on some frozen meat. Still, Sam has a lot of darkness and anger in him that needs to come out. I’d rather it come out on Calvin Norris’s face than at Tommy or Arlene, even if the two of them are the most annoying people in Bon Temps.

2. The AVL Stormtroopers. They really aren’t helping with the image I have of the AVL as vampire Nazis but they sure do look impressive. Do you think you could lend Eric a few of those, Nan? Then again, they’re probably useless and fronting just like the rest of the AVL.

3. Bill lying to Sookie about the file and blaming Eric’s interest in her pissed me off, but I’m okay with it, because he’s just digging himself a deeper hole. When Sookie finally finds out the truth, Bill will be toast, surely. I say surely, because this is Sookie Stackhouse, sister of Jason Stackhouse, and there is nothing too dumb that they can’t reason themselves into doing.

4. The Sookie and Bill shower scene. I know some people were hoping that this would be the one with Eric, but it’s too early for that to happen. Also, for me it was a very telling scene. Bill couldn’t stop licking at Sookie’s blood. Junkie!

5. Jason killing Franklin. I guess he needed to be a hero again. Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to Tara crushing on him again. You need to stick with Sam, Tara. You both need each other.


I almost forgot to do this week’s dead count. More gore and more death this episode

Franklin Mott – so long, bloodsucker!

The poor spineless anchorman on TBBN news. Owie. Then again, it happened so fast, I don’t think he felt a thing.

Sam Merlotte’s good guy image – Yikes! He may actually get more customers.

Screencaps : Skarsgard News


3 Responses to “True Wishes: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in episode nine”

  1. missberlish August 19, 2010 at 12:30 am #

    Another excellent review! I look forward more to your review than the actual show these days.

    • Nibby August 19, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

      Thanks! I enjoy writing these reviews. It makes the disappointment of the episodes easier to tolerate knowing that I can voice my pain.


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