RetroVixen’s Response: True Blood Season 3 Episode 9

18 Aug

[This is in response to Nibby’s review]

Just got done watching the latest ep! It was draggy until the end, OMG. THE ENDING. Russell is making the humans clutch their pearls! I can’t wait to see what the reaction is going to be in the next ep.

I’m with you on the whole Beel/Sookie thing being overdone. It needs to go, please, kthnx.

The scene with Eric and Pam, where he tells her she can be a maker…it was so heartbreaking!

I also can’t get enough of Jesus and Lafayette. They’re so fucking ADORABLE! They need more scenes together.

As for Tommy, he needs to STFU and learn some manners, because he made Sam lose his shit and beat up Crystal’s daddy (who by the way, was a nice dude in the books, and now they’re making him out to be a stereotypical idiot hick which makes me RAAAAAAAAAAAGE).

Summer needs to get punched in the face. Repeatedly. She’s so IRRITATING.

[Nibby: I like that we’re both in favor of violence against Summer but not against the meth-dealing and daughter-abusing Calvin Norris.]

Jason Stackhouse is an idiot. Seriously, it hurts watching him sometimes, because like you said, he just can’t put two and two together. Ugh.

Arlene irritates me. That is all I have to say about her.

I has a sad about Franklin. He was so batshit insane, he brought a lot of fun and craziness to the show. Who is going to fill that void now?! D:

[Nibby: Who will replace Franklin? Russell FUCKING Edgington. He has lost his precious Talbot and now he will make us all mourn!]

Also, your review was excellent and touched on every right and wrong thing this episode did. KUDOS, my friend!!

And that Rolling Stone cover is UNF.

[Nibby: This made me piss my pants … a little]


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