True Wishes: Eric must live, you f*#@ing bastards!

31 Aug

Oh, Alan Ball, you wouldn’t dare kill off Eric, would you?


I felt like Alan Ball finally listened to me last episode. Except for the putting of Eric at death’s door part, I got

– Sam and Tara back in the sack

– Hoyt and Jessica being all cute and awesome

– Dialing back the Jesus and Lafayette decent into black magic mayhem

– Mother Earth bitchslapping Arlene and her hypocrisy.

– Eric getting his balls back … and just in time

– Bill not being all “Sukeh is miiine!” but actually following Eric’s plan.

– Pam getting the camera time and recognition that she deserves. I love you when you’re cold hearted Pammy Pam Pam.

I’ll post my full review of episode 11 next week when I’m back from vacation. The Labour Day hiatus is brutal but this time I sort of appreciate it. I need to watch the finale in the comfort of my own home. I think I’m gonna have a finale party. Who shall I invite? Should I serve blood bisque? Oh, where is Talbot when I need him? Right, he’s in a tacky glass urn. So fitting.


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