I’m just being honest

7 Sep

I just realized that in the scheme of things, I am not numero uno in my own home. My cat literally runs things. The evidence:

–  I wake up at 5:30am every morning to feed my cat and give him fresh water.

– Before I even shower and eat breakfast, I clean his litter box.

– I race home every evening to feed him on time and I leave work early just in case I have to stop at the pet store to get food, litter, toys or flea medication.

– When I go on vacation, I pay a kitty-sitter to spend an hour with him each day and I bribe friends with promises of souvenirs to stop by the house on odd days until I return home.

– In my cleaning cupboard, I have not one but two remedies for cat pee smell.

– I have a lint brush in the entrance closet because I give the damn thing a little cuddle before heading out.

– I do not own a single blanket that is not covered in cat hair.

– I have given up wearing black pants

– He has more brushes and combs than I do

I could go on, but I have to ask myself, when did this all happen? When did I become the crazy cat lady? I wonder if things would be worse if I had a dog. Just to show you how bad things are, I feel guilty for thinking it much less typing it. It’s not like my cat is telepathic or can read my blog, but … UGH!

I’m beginning to understand why pet rocks were so popular in the 70’s.


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