Remembering Matt Damon

16 Sep

Matt Damon isn’t afraid to do the right thing. Matt Damon cares about the poor and disenfranchised. Matt Damon should run for president. If only we could remember to vote for him. Also, I can’t remember his political views. I think he dissed Sarah Palin, so that’s got to count for something, right?

It could happen

He’s got my vote. Unfortunately, I’m not American and there’s that forgetting problem. So remember to vote for Matt Damon, if and when he runs for President. Tie a string on your finger … or something.


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  1. Remembering Matt Damon « - April 24, 2011

    […] decided to forget Matt Damon altogether. Truth is that Mr. Damon has moved on to other things (like running for President in 2016). So they’ve decided to cast Jeremy Renner (the hottie from The Hurt Locker and The Town) as […]

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