No True Blood, No problem

28 Sep

Week #3 of the True Blood withdrawal hiatus is going better than the first two weeks. I’ve found a patch, or a few patches, if I’m honest. Some old patches aren’t as effective as they used to be, while others are better than ever. Some of these shows are so good, I really don’t miss True Blood.

You should have killed Russell.

Merlin (BBC)

This campy Arthurian action adventure is in its third season. It doesn’t seem to be going through the third season slump noted in other BBC action adventures (Robin Hood, I am looking at you!). Also, they’ve kept the shirtless Prince Arthur quotient relatively high this season, even having our Blond and buck-toothed hottie rolling around in bed (distracting our JoZ from appreciating the medieval furnishings – the horror!). It’s refreshing to watch a show that doesn’t have a romantic relationship as its center. They could have easily made this show all about Gwen and Arthur, but instead, that relationship has been put on the back burner to slowly come to a boil when needed. Instead, the heart of this show, is the adopted father and son relationship between Gaius and Merlin and the growing bromance between Arthur and Merlin. There’s also Morgana’s treachery against her adopted father, Uther. It’s all about family loyalty and disloyalty. It’s a G-rated show, so we don’t get the blood and gore, or the high death count of True Blood. I have to say that it’s rather comforting to know that everything or most things will be resolved at the end of the hour. However, it would be nice if Arthur stopped being such a douchebag to Merlin and recognized his contributions. That’s getting a little tired.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)

The show keeps on rolling at break-neck speed and they just keep adding a new hot guy every week. It’s really refreshing to watch a show that provides you with the answers to some mysteries every episode, but in such a way that it leads to new questions and theories. It’s also refreshing to have a female lead who isn’t incredibly naive, immature and brain-dead. Elena loves Stephan, but she’s not attached at the hip to him. She didn’t just disappear into coupledom and forget that she has other friends and a life outside of Salvatore manor. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw Sookie Stackhouse work a shift at Merlotte’s? Yeah, exactly. My friend Spider doesn’t think the show is gay enough. He was obviously spoiled by the third season of True Blood. There is just no pleasing some people.  Here’s a shocker: my favorite character isn’t a Salvatore. He isn’t even supernatural. Matt, the mere human, is my sweetie on this show.

Supernatural (CW)

Ugh … I’m bored. Sorry Ginormotron, but I understand that you had to come back for a sixth season because to end the show with that shitfest of a season 5 finale would have been criminal. Plus, you and Ackles haven’t been able to find steady work outside of your genre. My Bloody Valentine sucked by the way, even in 3D. Still, the show needs an injection of something and I’m not sure what it is. Sam and Dean have died and been resurrected so many times that I kind of don’t care anymore. Make me care again, guys. Find a way. I loved you once and I want to love you again.

Dexter (Showtime)

I just watched the 5th season premiere of Dexter. Dude made me cry. I honestly don’t know how Dexter is going to get himself out of this mess but he always seems to find a way. Of course, you usually pays a high cost and the end of last season proved that. One request for this season. Can we stop with the Deb is a nymphomaniac stuff. I am tired of her shagging everyone but Masuka on this show. Not that anyone should shag that gross bastard. So far, her shag count is Quinn this season. Who’s next? Angel? Laguerta? Who knows with these writers. Given Michael C. Hall’s recent health issues, it’s good to have him back on my TV looking good (and creepy). I love you, man!


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