I’m just being honest

4 Oct

While I like Lady Gaga, I don’t find her particularly innovative or provocative. Her music is catchy, great to dance to or work out to (I love “Pokerface” on the treadmill) but beyond that … she’s okay. All these words people keep throwing out – cutting-edge, daring, ground-breaking, jaw-dropping – just don’t seem to fit in my “been there, done that, looked there, seen that” opinion. For me  she’s very, Kara Thrace, as in “all this has happened before and all this will happen again”. Her costumes are anything but boring and she knows how to entertain, and honestly that is all I ask from Lady Gaga. She doesn’t need to be the high priestess of pop culture. She just needs to get me moving my feet and shaking my ass. So, you’ll excuse me if I don’t have an opinion about the meat bikini/dress or her alleged penis.

Just looks like a really think panty liner to me


One Response to “I’m just being honest”

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