I’m just being honest

11 Oct

Well, if anyone was wondering, Alexander Skarsgard is indeed capable of douchebaggery. I’m not saying he’s a complete douchebag – not complete, anyway. Let me re-iterate, I don’t care who he dates – man, woman, man-bear-pig, Matt Damon, that whore in Florida or the entire great state of Texas – so long as he’s not a jerkwad about it. I’d like him if he was gay, straight, bi or into screwing metal objects (actually, that would be a turn on). So, stop with the silly games and grow up! I’m not saying he owes anybody an answer – not his fans or the media – but don’t play the game.

I have to say though that I did laugh when they said that he and KB stood 10 feet or more a part making it difficult for them to be photographed together. I am all for dicking around paparazzos.


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