I’m just being honest

1 Nov

I’m not going to talk about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, nor will I bore you with my opinion on the mid-term elections in the US. You can also thank your lucky stars that I have absolutely no interest in lamenting the state of affairs in France or its former colony of Haiti. When I watch the world news on BBC, CNN, CBC or Al-Jazeera, I want to climb back into my mother’s womb. If you’re in search of shitty things happening in the world, there is no shortage. Do not look to me to provide insights on why humans love to fuck over other humans. I can only say that in my lifetime I have been both a victim and a victimizer.

What I want to talk about probably won’t solve anything much less bring about world peace, but you know what? It made my ass glad to be alive.  This made me glad that I chose to get up this morning and enter the world rather than call in sick and spend all day in bed with 3 bottles of Pelée Island Pinot Grigio. I’m not sure what exactly it is about this story that has inspired me to not shirk my responsibilites, but I will take it. The story of Mikki, the Scrabble Champion Transvestite (if she must be labeled), is one of transformation and triumph. I will always be grateful to Mikki.



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