I’m just being honest

15 Nov

This may shock you. Or not. I don’t care.

I like Briston Palin. I like the fact that she’s still on Dancing with the Stars. I like that Rick Fox, Kurt Warner and Audrina Patridge (all better dancers) were voted off before her.

Bristol, shaking in it with partner Mark Ballas

Why does this liberal thirty-something, who thinks Sarah Palin is a buffoon, like Bristol Palin? Well, I’ve got several reasons.

1. She’s not an entertainer. Bristol is an abstinence advocate and personally I don’t think that should be the only option made available to young people. However, I do admire her for it. Still, standing in an auditorium full of teenagers talking about premarital sex is a far cry from dancing in front of a studio audience and millions watching TV at home. Her personality is bubbly and sweet and it comes across in her interviews and interactions with her partner Mark. She’s learning to come out from her shell and from behind her mother’s crazy-ass shadow. Everybody else on the show is either an entertainer or an athlete and thus very comfortable being in front of the camera.

2. She looks like she’s eaten a cheeseburger or two and kept it down. She’s the size of the average American/Canadian woman. Now, say what you will about the super-sizing of waistlines and what not, but I do believe Bristol promotes a healthy body image. She’s working hard in practice and looks very graceful without being a size -2.

3. She’s not a drama queen. She has great chemistry with her partner, Mark, and we don’t have the weekly drama of whether or not she’ll slam the door on Mark, walk out of practice, throw a tantrum or become so anxious that you literally see veins popping in her forehead. She’s out there having fun and taking it week by week. She doesn’t look like she’ll be devastated if she’s sent home and she’s genuinely happy to be there. Compare this to Brandy. Girlfriend looks like she’s about to have a nervous breakdown every week. I love the exuberance and fun both she and Kyle Massey seem to have on the show.

4. She’s not Sarah Palin. She might get half her DNA from that woman but Bristol is not her mother. Bristol doesn’t pretend to know more than she does. She’s not trying hard to be folksy to appeal to certain viewers. It’s not obvious to me that she has an agenda, beyond trying to secure a future for herself and her son.

Yeah, so this liberal heart (hearts) Bristol Palin and I feel perfectly fine about it. There’s no conflict or confusion. I just think she’s sweet.


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