No True Blood, No Problem: There’s a whole lot of Being Human

14 Jan

So we’re about to get a lot of Being Human over the next few months. Between the UK original’s return for its third series, the launch of the American series and the UK web-series spin-off, I’m going to have my fill of vampires, werewolves and ghosts. True Blood, I shall not miss ye.

I miss Mitchell and his skinny jeans

Being Human UK Series Three

When we last saw Mitchell, George and Annie, Annie was trapped on the other side, Nina and George had decided to stick together (and possibly have a few puppies), and Mitchell’s old buddy Herrick had decided not to stay dead (much to my displeasure). Honestly, I would have preferred if Ivan had been reconstituted. I’m sorry, but  Canteen girl Cara really needs to be staked. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will rescue Annie from the other side and I wonder if she will bring over anyone else with her. It would be nice if Nina could be a little less pissy and irritable. The trailers and the poster for series three, doesn’t give me much hope. Who ever gave Nina that Tipper Gore makeover needs to be shot.

Sam Witwer is apparently so naturally pale, he needs no make up

Being Human US Debut

You know, I had my doubts. Sam Witwer was so amazing in his turn as Davis Bloome/Doomsday on Smallville that I couldn’t see him as the “Mitchell” vampire character for the US version. However, I like the casting of Sam Huntington because I think he captures the “George” werewolf’s earnestness. I know very little of Meaghan Rath but she’s a gorgeous Canuck, so I am predisposed to liking her. I am going into this US version with an open mind, even though I am a huge fan of the UK series. What gives me hope is that the producers have indicated that this show will be a nod to the original but not a carbon copy. It can’t be. It also won’t be Twilight, thank goodness. I can’t see Sam Witwer’s Aidan devolving into anything as unfortunate as Edward Cullen.

Matt (ghost???), Adam (vampire) and Christa (werewolf)

Becoming Human Web Series

The main character, vampire Adam, will be featured on an upcoming episode of Being Human (UK) before going off into spin-off-dom on the web series. The series revolves around – wait for it – a trio comprised of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. The plot from the BBC Three website:

Following events that unfold in the forthcoming third series of Being Human, vampire Adam (Craig Roberts; Young Dracula) is at college trying to get himself back on the straight and narrow. It’s here he meets the beautiful, cool Christa (Leila Mimmack; Married, Single, Other) – who just happens to be a werewolf. They strike up a friendship with Matt (Josh Brown; Grange Hill), and the three of them become embroiled in a mystery that leads to more than they bargained for…

Becoming Human will launch online at, midway through transmission of series three of Being Human.


Important dates:

Series 3 of Being Human (UK) premieres on January 23rd at 9pm (UK time) on BBC Three

The premiere of the Being Human (US) is on January 17th at 9pm (ET) on Syfy in the US and at 10pm (ET) on Space in Canada.


3 Responses to “No True Blood, No Problem: There’s a whole lot of Being Human”

  1. missberlish January 16, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    Wow, there’s a web series too? It’s like the supernatural Three’s Company LOL

  2. missberlish January 28, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    I’m really loving this series. Should I watch the BBC original or will it mess with my head?

    • Nibby January 28, 2011 at 3:24 am #

      If you think of the UK series as something completely separate and apart, I think you’ll really enjoy it. I’d wait a bit though as it will probably spoil you for some things to come. I would wait till this season is almost over.

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