I’m Just Being Honest: “The British press are really a bunch of arseholes.”

1 Feb

This quote is from an anonymous commenter on a blog site reacting to Andy Murray’s loss in Sunday’s Australian Open final. Murray has been lambasted by the British media for a lackluster effort in Melbourne. It is true that Murray hardly made a dent in his match against Novak Djokovic, but one could argue that Djokovic had a lot to do with that. Still, the Brits have reason to have high expectations for Murray. He has been consistently one of the five best players in the world for the past three years. This is something that neither Tim Henman nor Greg Rusedski could claim over their entire careers. Murray is a fantastic talent and until he wins a Grand Slam, he will have an albatross hanging around his neck the size of Texas. Still, I do believe this illustrates the wickedness of the British press. They love a hero, but do they really love tear someone down when they don’t live up to expectations. God forbid what would happen if Kate Middleton chooses a non-English designer for her wedding dress or if they cast an American as James Bond to replace Daniel Craig. I’m a huge Murray fan. I love the style of tennis that he plays. He’s not as beautiful to watch as Roger Federer (no one is, really) but he is quite the shot-maker. I find Rafa Nadal’s style of play mind-numbing and Novak Djokovic seems to oscillate between being hysterically funny and douchey. Soderling can be brilliant but not consistently so. So I like Murray in comparison to the other members of the top five because he gives you drama without being glib. He doesn’t walk around with a sense of entitlement (like Djokovic). He’s not a grumpy grouse like Soderling. He’s not painfully boring like Nadal. Finally, he’s not obsessively perfect like Federer. He just seems like a nice hard-working bloke. That’s what some people seem to forget when Murray faces disappointments like this.  Murray has a higher winning percentage in Grand Slams (75%) than in regular ATP tour Masters events (71.4%). You can’t claim that he doesn’t step his game up for the big events. Still, the final piece of the puzzle eludes him. How does he take something from the big three? I don’t know. I really hope he figures it out, otherwise the British press will continue to ride his ass. Actually, if he were to win, they’d cry out for more or say things like “It’s about bloody time,” like the arseholes they are.


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