No True Blood No Problem: Being Human in America doesn’t disappoint

25 Feb

So I decided to wait until the after the sixth episode of the US remake of Being Human aired before weighing in on the show’s merits and appeal. I’m really glad I did. After the first episode, I was not entirely convinced about the characters and the actors playing them. However, by the third episode, the actors seemed to own their roles and the characters became considerably more layered and likable.

Aidan – I like Sam Witwer. I enjoyed him on Smallville, but I was not convinced that he could pull off sexy vampire. In fact, I still don’t find him sexy personally. However, I do think he plays tormented and eternally tempted really well. Also, he is obviously very familiar with the inside of a gym. He’s handsome in a non-traditional way and much more satisfying to look at than Robert Pattinson, because he looks like a man. He also does not have a stick up his ass like that other Civil War veteran vampire, Bill Compton. That being said, he is no Eric Northman (No one is!). In fact, he’s no Mitchell, his UK counterpart. There’s a craziness and playfulness to Mitchell that I have yet to see come across with Aidan. Maybe I just need to wait.

Josh – I guess every show needs a wet blanket but I seriously don’t remember George from the UK series being this dower. I remember George would bitch and moan a lot but he was also very funny and the high-pitched delivery of his whiny rants some how made them more comical and less slit-your-wrists-open. Still, I like Josh. He’s shy, sensitive and caring with a fairly strong moral compass. Sir Slips-A-Lot Aidan is in need of a friend with a strong moral compass. Sally needs one too as she considers turning poltergeist on Danny’s ass.

Sally – Of all the characters, it took me the longest to warm up to Sally. At first, all she seemed to do was lie around all day and whine. However, with each episode Sally has become more purposeful and interesting. I remembered when I first watched the UK series, I found her UK counterpart, Annie, exceedingly annoying. In fact, after 3 seasons, she still drives me up the wall from time to time. Yet, in a matter of 6 episodes, Sally has ceased to be annoying. She is the character I would like to see more fleshed out and involved in the other characters’ plot lines. Aidan’s and Josh’s have already criss-crossed. It would be nice if this happened with Sally.

Bishop – LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM! I loved Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer on Supernatural last season. He was one of the few things I liked about that season. Right now, when I compare him to his UK counterpart, Herrick, I actually have to give Bishop the edge. While Herrick is menacing and manipulative, Bishop is extremely convincing and you almost understand why he does everything he does. In his twisted way, he wants to ensure the survival of vampires and he’s tired of a life in the shadows. You can see the longing for freedom in Bishop’s sunken eyes. You actually sense his paternal feelings for Aidan, who he seems to have extreme patience for. Bishop is truly frightening to me because he isn’t revolting or repugnant. He’s as smooth as a used car salesman. I cannot say the same about Herrick.

In a deviation from the original series, we have a blood relative in a recurring role and it is a welcome difference. Josh’s sister, Emily, who is also not mainstream although not supernatural, is a refreshing character. She makes Josh’s cynicism and pessimism a bit more palatable. As soon as she stops drinking, I hope she’ll clue into all the weirdness. This character is too smart to keep in the dark.

I’m looking forward to the back 7 episodes of this first season. I hope that the ratings improve so that SyFy greenlights future seasons. I need more Mark Pellegrino on my TV if nothing else.


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