No True Blood No Problem, but now the waiting sucks even more

6 Mar


(especially for those who have not read the books on which the series is based)

Oh, the agony! With three months to go till the premiere, Alan Ball has decided to throw Team Eric a bone this fourth season after butchering the character of Eric Northman in third season. We now have confirmation that amnesiac Eric will be part of the highly anticipated “season of the witch” on True Blood. This morsel from HBO:

Now that I know that this beloved plot from the Charlaine Harris books is going forward, fleeting moments of euphoria have given way to suspicion and doubt as is always the case when dealing with that evil genius Alan Ball. He never gives the book fans exactly what they expect and sometimes it works and sometimes he creates a hoard of pissed off fans.

I hope he handles the storyline in a way that is not word for word from the book (as that would be boring) but not a huge break from the tone and purpose as set out by Charlaine Harris. That purpose being the revelation of a different side to Eric to both Sookie and the viewers. At the end of season three, all closeness between Eric and Sookie was eroded because of Eric’s single-minded pursuit of revenge and the general tainting of Sookie’s view of vampires because of Bill’s betrayal. Eric and Sookie are back at square one, which makes the stakes pretty high for the amnesiac Eric plot. That is, if Eric and Sookie are MFEO in Alan Ball’s Sookie-verse. I’m taking nothing for granted these days.

Gosh, waiting does truly suck.


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