No True Blood No Problem: How do you solve a problem like Mitchell?

11 Mar

John Mitchell: friend, lover, tortured soul, sexy beast, blood-thirsty killer. All true. All fair. After the Box Tunnel 20 massacre, does the anti-hero of Being Human (the original series), played by the delicious Aidan Turner, deserve to be staked? It’s a surprisingly tough call.

Why Mitchell deserves to be definitely dead:

  1. For all his attempts at trying to go clean, when he falls off the wagon, he falls far and hard. Tens of people get killed when Mitchell goes off the reservation. He’s clean now but it is only a matter of time before he goes on another bender.
  2. His soul has been bent and twisted so many times that death may be a kindness.
  3. Deep down, he enjoys every kill. He has admitted it.

Why Mitchell should be spared:

  1. No one is beyond redemption. I really believe that, which is why I’m categorically against the death penalty.
  2. Death really isn’t sufficient punishment. In fact, death is the easy way out. Maybe Mitchell deserves to live a tortured life (and I think I deserve to be able to watch his fine-ass be tortured), remembering the face of every victim.
  3. For all his sins, Mitchell has created a family made up of other outsiders and he is the glue that holds that family together. Mitchell still has a purpose to fulfill.

So what do you think? How do you solve a problem like Mitchell?


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